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1. Would you be interesting in Barrie to Toronto and back express van service?

We are asking the question. Would you be interested in a Barrie to Toronto and back express van service? The bus service will be an all day service from morning rush hour to late evening service.

2. Install Barrie City Traffic Cameras

Since moving to the city of Barrie, I am regularly disturbed by the amount of times I have almost been struck or killed by vehicles, running red lights.

This is disgusting, every day while waiting for the bus to go to college i see an average of 2-4 cars blowing a red light at the livingstone ST W and anne St. N going east/west, EVERY light! two weeks ago, i was almost hit by a BACTS bus(handicapped transportation) and I was wearing a rainbow hat?!

I want the city of Barrie to do something about this since it seems the police are never around or do not care to enforce these traffic laws, I am more than happy to catch many of these mentioned incidents on my cell phone and upload them as proof. There is no excuse for 3 people in an intersection and all of them blow a red led to turn!

3. Local Residents Against Circuses Involving Animals Performing in Barrie, Ontario

Wild animals are still used in circuses and traveling shows across North America. Most are shunted from town to town with no opportunity to live according to their natural biology and behavior. They endure severe confinement, deprivation, hardship and brutality.

Many performing wild animals are also large, potentially dangerous and perform in front of audiences with few protective measures in place. They pose a risk to themselves, their handlers, audience members and bystanders.

Many municipalities have passed by-laws that prohibit circuses with animals from performing in their communities. It is time Barrie bans inhumane entertainment as well.