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The Ontario Government/Canadian Government has set up support relief funds for many except those on Disability/ODSP and those expected to continue to live below the poverty line. These people receive $700+/- a month - $10,000+/- a year with no help in site! I’ve been messaging the key politicians regarding this and many other matters effecting this group of people! This needs to be heard somehow and I’m hoping a petition may help.

We, the public that are struggling to survive on Disability/ODSP are requesting that you increase our monthly income amount to the same as the Emergency Relief Support Fund of $2,000.00. People on Disability/ODSP never asked to be disabled yet they are and they’re expected to survive on $700.00 +/- a month. This is way below the poverty line and no where near the supposed standard of living. These people have rent, rent increases to deal with, paying for their Trillium Deductible for prescriptions as well as their prescriptions, bills, food, treatments not covered, etc. These people are suffering not only with financial hardships but also physical, emotional and mental health!

For example: $11,000.00 T4 for the year, unable to claim $1,200.00 in prescriptions, unable to claim extra medical treatments, unable to claim parking for medical appointments, unable to claim any expenses except rent! Receive a one time $210.00 tax refund and $67.00 GST refund ever 4 months!

We, the people ask you help now with these issues affecting people on Disability/ODSP! If you do nothing to help these people then you are by definition abusing these people and their rights to live and survive with human dignity!

The time is NOW to stop ignoring these people and step up! Make these changes now and backdated them to April 1st, 2020.

We, the people challenge the Government and it’s politicians to live off of $10,000.00 +/- a year with all the expenses that go with being a Disabled person regardless of their disability!

Sign this petition for those without a voice to be heard! Sign of you are Disabled, living below the poverty line, if you know someone living under these conditions - sign to show you care about the health and wellbeing of those who are disabled and not receiving any of the help they so desperately need to survive this crisis now and in the future!


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