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Jeff Lehman (mayor of barrie)

Since moving to the city of Barrie, I am regularly disturbed by the amount of times I have almost been struck or killed by vehicles, running red lights.

This is disgusting, every day while waiting for the bus to go to college i see an average of 2-4 cars blowing a red light at the livingstone ST W and anne St. N going east/west, EVERY light! two weeks ago, i was almost hit by a BACTS bus(handicapped transportation) and I was wearing a rainbow hat?!

I want the city of Barrie to do something about this since it seems the police are never around or do not care to enforce these traffic laws, I am more than happy to catch many of these mentioned incidents on my cell phone and upload them as proof. There is no excuse for 3 people in an intersection and all of them blow a red led to turn!

We the undersigned, feel that city of Barrie must install and use a traffic cam system.

We no longer feel safe traveling as pedestrians and feel this is the only method to eradicating this constant issue.

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