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1. Autumn Boehle For DollSkill Model

Autumn Boehle has been a friend of mine for over two years. She can pull off any hair color with any shirt and any bottoms. She is a sweetheart but don't flirt with her because she's taken. You have to respect that her and her boyfriend have been in a relationship for a long time. I nominate Autumn for a new model because she's someone I look up to and she's so amazing like omg, We don't talk much but I idolize her.

2. Save Aberdeen Music Centre

NOTE: This is not the petition you signed in February - This is another campaign because the council broke the promises they made after that petition.

The Local Authority want to change the provision for Aberdeen Music Centre bands and orchestras. Without your help, the bands and orchestras will stop or the service will be seriously diminished. The bands will NOT be starting in the new academic year – not all of the parents and pupils involved have been made aware of this.

Music is vitally important for our city and our children. The Aberdeen Music Centre bands and orchestras have a rich tradition spanning more than 50 years.

To find out more about this campaign, please visit our website

3. Rehearsal Space For Maltese Bands

Get started as band or local artist in Malta?

Not easy considering the work, effort and contribution invested in your musical project and considering the lack of space to rehearse.

The aim of this petition is to get 1000 votes, to present the active and creative music scene in Malta.

The petitions goal is, converting a warehouse into the Mecca for Bands.

4. My Chemical Romance reunion 2019+!

My Chemical Romance (often abbreviated as MCR) was an American rock band from New Jersey, formed in 2001. The band consisted of lead vocalist Gerard Way, guitarists Ray Toro and Frank Iero, bassist Mikey Way and keyboardist James Dewees. Shortly after forming, the band signed to Eyeball Records and released their debut album I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love in 2002.

They signed with Reprise Records the next year and released their major label debut Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge in 2004; the album was a commercial success, and was awarded platinum status a little over a year later.

A fan on the internet has noted some very interesting changes to the My Chemical Romance Official Website. According to the post, things on the site such as bio updates and suspicious hyperlinks referencing an upcoming tour have all been altered on the site. Check out the post – see for yourself.

5. Save live music at the pub

This petition is to raise objections to the proposed development of the land next to The Pub, Lancaster. The proposed development will include domestic residences.

If these are built the surrounding area, which includes The Pub will be re-classed as a residential area. This means that anyone living in these flats will be able to complain about any excessive noise in the area and this could very well mean an end to what we all love - live music at The Pub.

6. Keep the New Barn from being demolished

The Council said I have impacted on the green belt by cutting into the land at one end by 80cm down to 4cm at the other end of the land to make the ground level to start building. The building is the same height as the old building.

I applied for 200 square meter of internal space which was granted by the council. The new building is 197 square meters external so I am within 200 square meters.

I have used recycled materials where possible, the walls under the cladding are recycled pallets and all power in the building lighting will be led. I have not impacted on the green belt. The new building looks so much better than the old metal framed barn, and is in keeping with the green belt. I live in the green belt and would not harm it.

This new studio will benefit local and international artists, video productions, recording artists who would like to record live as in the past, engineers and producers, and people in the music and film business, and local businesses, including Hotels, B&B, Pubs, Restaurants, take aways, taxis, and all other local businesses.

I didn’t want to play on the fact that I am in a wheel chair as I don’t think about it and all my friends treat me as just a mate with no disability, but the council have not taken into account that I have built this studio for people with disabilities with easy access to all parts of the building and easy parking.

7. Vans Warped Tour Perth 2013!

This year it was announced that Vans Warped Tour would be returning to Australia and will not be coming to Perth. As we get Soundwave and completely sell out tickets for Perth Soundwave I see no reason for us to miss out on another popular festival with similar music.

"Soundwave boss AJ Maddah will team up with Warped founder Kevin Lyman to bring the festival back to Australia and has confirmed that the tour will travel to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and a couple of regional centers on the east coast. Perth will not be on the schedule."( - ) This is ridiculous. As the manager of Soundwave he should see Perth as a potential market and we need to show him we want the festival as much as the festival wants us.

The festival came to Australia for the first time in 1998 and never came to Perth either. Its time for a change! Grab your keyboards and lets show the Perth music scene isn't as weak as they perceive.

8. No More Bed Time For Soundwave

Every year in February and March, the Soundwave Festival tours Australia, bringing much-anticipated international and national bands to our shores for one day of hardcore excitement. However, due to scheduling conflicts, many of the festival's punters are unable to see the bands they want. In fact, hundreds have voiced their displeasure in the timetable on various platforms.

To solve this situation, we, the 300,000+ strong fanbase request that, to accommodate for these horrific clashes and the disappointed and saddened fans, the curfew be reconsidered for the festival in it's 5 states. As ticket holders, we feel that we should be able to see the bands we want without having to make a heart-breaking choice. The festival is, for many, the only way to see these bands, so you could (hopefully) understand the frustration and sadness that arises from these bands clashing.

We ask that you please consider lifting the curfew to the fair suggestion of midnight. If the show were to run a mere 2 hours longer, many of these clashes would not only be resolved, but bands would be able to play longer sets for their high-paying, loyal fans.

Note from Sarah-Jane: I, myself am attending Soundwave with my special needs sibling and a friend who legally blind. I will not feel safe with punters running between stages between acts for my sibling and friend. I feel the curfew raises safety issues. A longer timeset would ensure more bands could play in the one allocated spot. Additionally I am worried about the crowds forcing their way to the front of stages after other acts at different stage locations causing fights and drama.

Note: This petition is directed at the council and venues of the Soundwave events (excluding sideshows). We fully support and appreciate Soundwave staff and what they do for their fans.

9. Hot Topic In Singapore

Hot Topic sells lots of awesome stuff. They have loads of stores in the U.S. and not even one here.

We don't want to be deprived of those awesome band T-shirts and what not! I think Singapore needs a store.

10. SHINEE fans in the UAE!!

The petition is made to see how many SHINEE fans there are in Dubai and to show SHINEE that we support them. Plus, we want them to come here and make a concert!

Shinee (샤이니, stylized as SHINee, pronounced /ˈʃaɪniː/ "shiny") is a contemporary R&B South Korean boy band. Formed by SM Entertainment in 2008, they made their debut on May 25, 2008 on SBS's Popular Songs with their promotional single, "Noona Neomu Yeppeo (Replay)" ("누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)", lit. "Older Girl, You're So Pretty (Replay)"). The group consists of Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin. Since their debut, Shinee has won numerous awards.

They have also starred in their own reality show based on their song, "Noona Neomu Yeppeo (Replay)". Shinee is considered to be a fashion icon having started the "Shinee Trend".

11. Reading bands for Reading Festival

READING Festival is undoubtedly one of the best things about the town. A vast number of people descend on Reading each August, bringing the world’s media – and spending money – with them.

The festival is one of the country’s biggest, and one of the planet’s biggest, and the town’s capability in hosting it is undoubtedly proof that Reading fully deserves city status. Huge bands play the festival – but what are our local bands getting out of the massive musical opportunity on the doorstep?

Well, historically, not so much. Last year Sixty Watt Bayonets were the only Reading band to play the festival (they were, deservedly, chosen purely on merit - it had nothing to do with being from Reading).

The band selection process is long and complex, but it seems fair that some weighting should be given to acts from Berkshire. It's time for the festival to give back to the local music scene.

We are calling on Festival Republic to make provision for at least five bands specifically from Reading and the surrounding area (ie Berkshire) to play at Reading Festival 2010.

12. Kathi McDonald Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Kathi McDonald's landed the vocalist her first big professional gig when she was attending a concert and joined in as part of the audience. McDonald's powerful voice drew Ike Turner's notice in a club called the Winterland, and he invited the aspiring singer to his and Tina Turner's next rehearsal. McDonald had snagged a in the Ikettes, the Turners' backing group. It was a heady and magical beginning for someone who never had any formal lessons.

Born in Washington state in 1948, McDonald performed professionally for the first time around Seattle when she was 12 years old. At the age of 19 she set off for San Francisco and its burgeoning musical climate, where she met the Turners and, through her association with them, took the first step on a career path that would span more than four decades.

Not long after the evening at Winterland, her talent caught the attention of Big Brother & the Holding Company's Sam Andrew. McDonald threw her lot in with the band in 1969, leading to appearances on the albums Can't Go Home Again, How Hard It Is, and Be a Brother. She went on to sing with Mad Dogs & Englishmen for Joe Cocker, and later sang with Leon Russell's Shelter People. Her session work included recordings for such artists as the Rolling Stones, Nils Lofgren, Rita Coolidge, Delaney & Bonnie, and Dave Mason. Her work for other musical artists totals up to appearances on almost 160 albums, more than six dozen of which achieved gold status. In addition, McDonald also launched a solo career in 1974 with the release of the album Insane Asylum. The recording was arranged by Pete Sears, whose formal band associations include Hot Tuna and Jefferson Starship.

Insane Asylum featured performances by Tower of Power, the Pointer Sisters, Aynsley Dunbar, John Cippolina, Neil Schon, and Ronnie Montrose. Kathi did not release another solo effort for 20 years, when Save Your Breath appeared. Above and Beyond followed in 1999, featuring contributions from Lee Oskar on harmonica and Brian Auger on keyboards. McDonald devoted more than two decades to recording and performing in collaboration with Long John Baldry, and the duo scored with their version of "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" when it was released in Canada. The song reached number 2 in Australia and also made the US charts.

Aside from collaborative efforts Kathi has solo projects of her own: Insane Asylum(1974), David Briggs, producer of the second Alice Cooper album Easy Action and multiple early Neil Young discs is at the helm on Insane Asylum. With arrangements by The Jefferson Starship's Pete Sears, whose formal band associations include Hot Tuna this is a showcase for the chops and musicianship of McDonald. There's a terrific reading of the Bee Gees' "To Love Somebody" and an interesting first track co-written by McDonald and Pete Sears, "Bogart to Bowie," with Nils Lofgren on guitar and Bobbye Hall on percussion. The photos of McDonald on the back cover are chaotic and beautiful, a cartoon caricature of these adorns the cover, the illustration by Seiko Kashihara. With Ronnie Montrose on guitar and Pete Sears on keys for a heavy version of "(Love Is Like A) Heatwave," you basically have Big Brother & the Holding Company/ Montrose/Jefferson Starship covering Martha & the Vandellas. With what may be the best performance on the disc, "Threw Away My Love," the second Sears/McDonald original, Kathi's great, bluesy vocal fights and Journey's Neil Schon on guitar give the track tons of soul! "Freak Lover" features the late Starship violinist Papa John Creach and is appropriately manic for an album about insanity.

Willie Dixon's composition, "Insane Asylum," with Pete Sears and Nils Lofgren, is a blues workout deluxe. Neil Schon and Pete Sears accompany Kathi on a Peter Frampton tune, "All I Want to Be." Lofgren and Sears do a heavy cover of Neil Young's "Down to the Wire" for the singer to display her wonderful voice. There is an abundance of talent here, creating a nice platform for this important singer. Insane Asylum also featured performances by Tower of Power, the Pointer Sisters, Aynsley Dunbar, John Cippolina.

Her next solo project was Save Your Breath (1994), then Above And Beyond (1999) featuring contributions from Lee Oskar on harmonica and Brian Auger on keyboards. She reunited with Big Brother & the Holding Company in California for a concert on New Years Eve, 1997.

Her self-titled Kathi McDonald (2005) is a triumph in a long and prestigious career. This CD showcases the still incredible voice, timing, soulful delivery, and talent that is Kathi McDonald, the musician's choice as singer, the musician's musician, and still the biggest little white girl to ever sing the blues coming out of the West Coast. The main forces behind the CD, Pete Slauson and Ann Pierson (partners for years in the nineties at 2B1 Music, Maritime Hall, San Francisco, CA).

13. Help Metal X Radio move to satellite radio!

Metal X Radio is dedicated to bringing you kickass rock, hard rock, and metal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and to give unsigned bands the opportunity to have their music heard. Metal X plays both local and national bands, and we are committed to giving every band equal opportunity to have their music on the air.

We at Metal X Radio feel that by utilizing Satellite radio as well as internet radio, we will be able to reach a bigger audience and give bands more of a chance to be heard.

14. Fueled By Ramen/Decaydance tour

Sick of your favorite bands being all over the place and never where you want them to be?

Well, by signing this petition, you can get Fueled By Ramen and Decaydance to possibly consider having their own tour! How?

All you need to do is tell your friends to sign this petition and you can make it happen!

15. JoNaS bRoThErS NEED To pLay In IrElAnD!!

It would be really cool if the Jonas brothers played in Ireland and we barely have any cool bands play here (well we do sometimes but not the jonas brothers!)

16. Get a local gig night in Borehamwood

We are trying to secure a local gig night in Borehamwood, we are in talks with the Council and need the support of the local people in order to make this happen.

17. Jonas Brothers on David Letterman!!

They are so funny and to get them on to the show would be great!

18. Warped Tour For The UK

The UK homes some of the greatest fans on the planet. Each year thousands of bands come from overseas to experience British festivals and concerts.

The fans here in the UK [myself included] are reasonably content with the amount of exposure our festivals get; clearly shown by their popularity.

However the fact cannot be ignored that the Warped Tour is one, if not THE, greatest tour on Earth. It is for this reason many believe its excellence should be geographically broadened. the UK would provide the perfect spot for the evolution of the Warped Tour to begin.

19. Rocket Lights For Leeds 2008

"Following various line up changes since their creation in 2007 and the soon to come newly appointed bassist, mellow rock quintet The Rocket Lights from The Wirral, Merseyside are now ready as a band, as individuals and as artists to rocket themselves to the lights of musical stardom.

Resembling a modern day Nirvana, they are guaranteed to transport you to your happy place with their soothing yet exciting lyrical magic that they exude in everything they do.

Lead singer Simon, fronts The Rocket Lights with a powerful yet mesmerising voice, that will pull you deeper into each song with every lyric. The rest of the band is made up of Craig on Drums, Ty on Lead, John on Rhythm, all of whom provide backing vocals and complete this remarkable and enthusiastic young rock band.

The Rocket Lights are nothing short of amazing and their name is very well chosen, as the only direction they are set for is up! Don’t wait to check these guys out, you don’t want to miss witnessing The Rocket Lights explode in the face of the music scene across the globe in the not too distant future. "

Join the facebook group linked with this petition ......

Join the facebook fan page for The Rocket Lights ....

20. Locata Scheme - They've got it all wrong

The Locata Scheme houses people in the West London area. You register your details and bid for available properties in the area's available.

Everybody who registers is put into a band. Bands are listed in order of priority:-

Band A – (Emergency/Top Priority)
Band B – (Urgent Need to Move)
Band C – (Identified Housing Need)
Band D - (All other transfer tenants)


Listen to your local or national radio, BBC or commercial. The likelihood is
that any music you hear will only be those bands which have been signed
to the big commercial labels who indirectly control many of the playlists.

If you ask local radio DJ's why they aren't playing music from the local
bands who are packing out the music venues in your area, the reason
they give is that they have no freedom to choose the music they play.
Big industry buys control of playlists.

Even the BBC marginalise independent
music to late night slots and Radio 6. Local BBC radio doesn't even attempt
to play local music.

This means that the really great bands you want to hear might never get
a break or reach a wider audience.

22. Get Liquidate and other bands back at the Planto!

Having bands @ the Planto used to be awesome. Let's get em back.

Help and support us!!!

23. DissolvedIn to play at Reading Festival

DissolvedIn are a Reading based 4-piece pop punk band with a fast growing
fanbase. With their catchy tunes and sing-a-long meaningful lyrics, they have
played venues all over the UK supporting bands such as Saosin, picking up new
fans by the dozen at each gig.

Please help them take the next step and sign the petition, asking for a slot in
the Reading Weekend festival 2008.

Check them out at


24. Murderworld to play Metalstock 2007

MurderWorld are one of the heaviest, hard-working, talented, and coolest thrash bands in Australia right now.
MetalStock is one of the premier metal festivals of Australia.

Yet MurderWorld can't be seen anywhere on the festival's line-up for 2007.
With nine more acts yet to be announced, any metal fan who has a remote interest in live music and quality aggresive thrash should be hoping that MurderWorld are one of these nine bands.

25. Bring Michael Buble to "Q" Arena in Cleveland, OH

July 18, 2006

This is a petition to bring acclaimed Canadian singer Michael Buble to the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio which has hosted many talented, renowned bands and artists.

26. Bring lifehouse to the "q" arena

July 17, 2006

A petition to bring the band Lifehouse to the "Q" Arena in cleveland, Ohio which has hosted many talented, acclaimed bands and artists.

27. DON'T support the mothers against hard rock

The organization mothers against hard rock are trying to outlaw all the good rock bands.

MAHR suck. Please sign the petition.


Who are MAHR? A shadowy group of mothers opposed to "hard rock" music. So far they have targeted popular post-hardcore, screamo, emo, whatever you want to define them, such as bands My Chemical Romance and the Used.

This is considered by many an attack on the 1st Amendment right to free speech.

28. Def Leppard 4 rock hall

Def Leppard are one of the many bands that came out of the UK in the wave of British heavy metal. They have been influential to us all.

Def Leppard are only one of a handful of rock bands that have two Diamond certification awards.

Sadly Def Leppard wasn't picked for rock hall induction in their first year of elidgbility.

But by signing this petition this will tell those old folks on the rock hall ballot who deserves to be on the final ballot.

29. Jrock bands 4 UK and US/Canada more

January 4, 2006

A petition for those that think jrock bands in general should come to the US/Canada and the United Kingdom more often to sign.

30. Induct Primus into The Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame

Primus (currently comprised of Les Claypool, Larry laLonde, and Tim Alexander) were a very popular alternative/funk-metal band in the early and mid-90's.

Their influence has been tremendous and they have been considered among the 90's most popular bands, when the Rock N' Roll hall of Fame begins inducting bands from the 90's into the Hall of Fame, Primus should not be overlooked.

We would like to see this amazing band be inducted into the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame.