Massive Radio
United States of America

On January 1st 2002 massive radio on 88.3 out of Albuquerque NM, stopped playing all heavy Christian rock. This grevious error has yet to be resolved in a timely and satisfying matter.(ie. no rock) After conversing with the parties in question it has been learned that they have done this because they feel that there are not enough listeners to these styles of music in order to continue playing it profitably. This petition is to show them that this assumption is foolhardy and just plain wrong.

We declare that M88 should once again play music from bands that are "Heavy" in nature more often and in greater variety than what can currently be heard on
88.3 ABQ The satisfactory resolvng of our greviances must entail
1.) More bands.
2.) More rock more often.

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The C-rock's Return to M88 petition to Massive Radio was written by Chris Raven and is in the category Religion at GoPetition.