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1. Thank you Rockstar Games

This is an opportunity for fans of Rockstar Games and GTA V to thank the development company for considering the needs, wants, and ideas of the fans, whether directly or residually.

As of the November 2012 previews, GTA V was not intended to have property purchases as a feature, nor would it include character customizations. The inclusion of car and weapon modding also seemed to be out of the picture at this time.

Much to our, the fans, dismay, GTA V was recently delayed from a Spring 2013 release to September 17, 2013. This delay was met with a considerable amount of backlash and animosity throughout the community. However, the May 2, 2013 previews for the game revealed that Rockstar had gone back on their word that the aforementioned features would remain absent from the game. The game had clearly been delayed to include the features that the fans so desperately wanted in the next GTA title. Other features that have uncanny similarities to fan made wish lists and concepts were also revealed to be a big part of the game. Rockstar games clearly desires to create the game that the fans want and deserve and this has never been more apparent than now.

We, as a fan base, thank Rockstar games for reminding the industry of what sets them above and beyond all other development companies. During a time of games with one year life cycles and cookie cutter sequels, Rockstar games continues to do what they do best, taking their time to ensure their products maintain an insurmountable amount of detail and character, through the eyes of a distinguishing narrative that can only be told by Rockstar.

Your fans thank you.

2. Grand Theft Auto Trilogy HD

Grand Theft Auto was probably your favorite game at one point, as for millions of others. Hopefully this petition will catch the eye of Rockstar Games, and they may start a Grand Theft Auto Trilogy HD (For PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, ect.) so we can re-live these amaizing games.

3. Bring GTA 5 to Manchester

GTA has been in a global phenomenom for since 1997, it has featured locations based on New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco. Not to mention smaller locations such as Chinatown, New Jersey and London in 1969.

The time has come to inject some international flavour to the series by bringing it to the United Kingdom and more importantly Manchester.

4. Protect Competition and Keep Auto Parts Affordable

Competition in the automotive replacement collision parts market saves American consumers more than $1.5 billion per year.

Over the past several years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of design patents on collision repair parts obtained by the major car companies. Consumers, the alternative collision parts industry, the automotive repair industry and insurers are concerned that car companies are now using design patents, not for the important and legitimate protection of the overall design of their vehicles, but to prevent competition when it comes to getting the parts consumers need to repair our vehicles.

Please join the Quality Parts Coalition, consumers, seniors and others in encouraging our members of Congress to protect competition in the automotive collision parts industry and keep auto parts affordable.

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5. Save the Cars

The Cash for Clunkers program is a potentially phenomenol program with one giant flaw. It is designed to stimulate the economy by offering financial assistance to consumers who are trading in vehicles. This part of the program is wonderful. It is the second part of the program that will potentially take the jobs of tens of thousands of people nationwide.

All vehicles traded in under the cash for clunkers program are required to be destroyed. This takes hundreds of thousands out of the used car and used auto parts market. This number is tremendous and cannot be ignored. Also, there are people who cannot afford newer cars and need inexpensive vehicles available to them. This program will prevent them from being able to get automobiles.

6. Support the Cash for Clunkers Program in Canada

The USA government introduced recently a program called Cash for Clunkers. Americans will be given credit towards a new car in exchange for their 1995 or older vehicle.

The Canadian government has talked about it briefly in early July 2009. Canadians want this and the Canadian government needs to hear it for us.

7. Raise Insurance Bond for Brokers!

Dear Car Carriers,

As you all well know, every broker must have a $10,000 brokers bond. On numerous occasions, we the carriers, have been cheated and not been paid for the services that we provided.. the broker bond is the only hope we have of getting paid for our services because collection agencies prove to be ineffective. Any carrier that has been a victim of this understand as to why the bond should be increased to $100,000 for the carriers financial safety.

Please submit a company representatives full name and IN THE COMMENTS PLEASE PROVIDE THE NAME OF YOUR COMPANY AND YOUR MC NUMBER. This will be sent to the Department of Transportation so it is crucial that the singers be professional about the matter.

8. Stop blaming games for violence!!

Every time somebody commits a crime and they're found to have an aggressive game in their collection it straight away is down to the game.

THIS IS WRONG. The game is not to blame for the person's mental deficiencies.

9. Loi plus sévère pour l'ivresse au volant au Québec!

Depuis quelques temps, des campagnes de publicité de la S.A.A.Q. ne cessent de passer pour contrer l'alcool au volant. Mais ces campagnes semblent être ignorées par la population.

Selon la Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec, il y a eu 50 443 victimes de la route dans la province en 2006, dont 717 qui ont perdu la vie, soit 10 de plus qu'en 2005. L'alcool au volant demeure l'une des principales causes d'accidents avec une moyenne de 30 pour cent des conducteurs décédés présentant un taux d'alcoolémie supérieur à 80 milligrammes d'alcool par 100 millitres de sang en 2005.

Pour contrer ce fléau, une solution s'impose! Il faut augmenter les peines. La ministre des transport du Québec (Julie Boulet) devrait s'inspirer de son homologue Ontarien pour ainsi instaurer des lois et programmes plus sévère envers les conducteurs fautifs. Tels que :
- La suspension immédiate du permis de conduire;
- Des amendes plus élevées;
- Des périodes de suspension plus longues;
- Des programmes obligatoires d'éducation et de traitement de l'alcoolisme;
- La mise en fourrière des véhicules; et
- Le programme d'interruption d'allumage (Anti-démarreur);
- Minimum d'incarcération pour conduite avec falculté affaiblie causant des lésion ou la mort;

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