All Concerned Citizen
United States of America

The Cash for Clunkers program is a potentially phenomenol program with one giant flaw. It is designed to stimulate the economy by offering financial assistance to consumers who are trading in vehicles. This part of the program is wonderful. It is the second part of the program that will potentially take the jobs of tens of thousands of people nationwide.

All vehicles traded in under the cash for clunkers program are required to be destroyed. This takes hundreds of thousands out of the used car and used auto parts market. This number is tremendous and cannot be ignored. Also, there are people who cannot afford newer cars and need inexpensive vehicles available to them. This program will prevent them from being able to get automobiles.

We, the undersigned, ask that the additional two billion dollars in Cash for Clunkers money not be approved by the U.S. senate without an amendment to the bill.

We ask that the stipulation regarding the destruction of these vehicles be removed, so that the vehicles would run their natural course and not be removed from the market, therefore protecting countless jobs.

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