As some of you may know, the Government Of China is almost done with the building of multiple manmade islands in the disputed waters of the South China Sea.

They claim that the area in which they are building the islands on historically belong to them. However, this is totally untrue as most of the area they claim to be in their sovereign territory are hundreds of miles away from their shores. Thus if something isn't done soon, the countries of ASEAN may be heading towards what can be called "Chinese Imperialism" in the near future.

For more infomation, please check out the documents on Operation ACON SCS from our facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/1418589051785416/

Therefore, we the representatives of The League Of Nations and citizens of earth call for the total withdrawal of Chinese military assets from the disputed water of The South China Sea.

In addition to that, we the representatives of The League Of Nations and citizens of earth also call for the governments of ASEAN to take a United stand, militarily if necessary, against these unneighbourly aggressive acts that may in the future threaten ASEAN sovereignity.

(Once this petition has achieved its target number of signatures, this petition will be sent to The United Nations, The Government Of Malaysia, The Government Of Philippines, The Government Of Vietnam, The Government Of Brunei and all other necessary parties).

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