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1. Songwriters to Big Tech: Stop Fighting Us in CRB

The National Music Publishers' Association (NMPA) represents U.S. music publishers and their songwriting partners. The NMPA, along with the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), is currently facing Google, Apple, Amazon, Spotify and Pandora in the Copyright Royalty Board proceedings that will determine how songwriters are paid for the next five years.

Songwriters must stand up to Big Tech and demand that they stop fighting to pay even lower royalties to the music creators who fuel their businesses. We must unite our voices by signing on to this letter.

2. Stop Blocking My Screen, Apple!

As you know, when adjusting the volume on any IOS device, the volume indicator pops up, blocking the content you are trying to enjoy. This is frustrating, ridiculous and bad engineering. How can Apple - who gets so many things right - get this one thing SO wrong? We have no idea, but its been this way since iPhone 3.

Since they can't seem to figure this out, we need you to help us bring our exasperation to their attention. Please sign to let Apple know that they need to fix this ASAP.

We don't need to see a giant 2D speaker icon every time we want to hear Daredevil talk or listen to a cat singing on YouTube. There may be no issue as critical as this in our lifetime.

Please lend your voice to this cause.

3. Apple should keep our privacy safe

The FBI has demanded Apple to come with program to breach Apple encryption.

If this happens all of security and personal information is at risk.

Let's come together as one to stop this.

Please sign and help protect all us.


4. Ban "Seals Helper" App

Maiko Enterprises of Australia in partnership with PETA have developed and app for smart phones in which you are a animals rights activist saving baby white-coat seals from being killed.

A blatant example of misinformation and propaganda to which no one should be exposed to, this app further promotes the myths and lies of the Canadian seal hunt to those uneducated to the yearly hunt.

5. New Iphone for Grossman!

Please help me i need to get 500 people to sign so that i can get a new Iphone4S, please sign.

6. Apple: please give us Google Maps Back

Apple released IOS 6 with a defective Maps program with missing or incorrect data.

The fix seems obvious: bring back Google maps.

7. Stop AT&T From Controlling Unlimited Data Plan Usage

AT&T has decided to violate the U.S. Internet rules by limiting use of Apple Inc's FaceTime application to certain customers.

Other known public interest groups have filed complaints with the FCC about this (

AT&T should give all customers who pay for its mobile Internet service the option to use any Internet application they want to use regardless of which data plan they buy.

8. Provide a Free lightning to 30-pin adapter to existing iPhone users who upgrade to the iPhone 5

As existing iPhone users who are upgrading to the new iPhone 5, we should be entitled to at least 1 lightning to 30-pin adapter at no additional cost of our own.

9. Change U.K. Jam Law to support British business

A British jam manufacturer (Clippy's) recently introduced the first ever apple-based jams onto the U.K. high street. However, the U.K. government has stated these products cannot legally be called jam because they don't contain enough sugar.

Standard jams have a sugar content exceeding 60%; however, these apple-based jams have a sugar content of 52-53%. See

Unfortunately, between 51-59% sugar content there is no clear legal definition as to what these apple-based products should be called. It's a jam 'no-mans land'!

Apple-based jams look like jam and taste like jam. They should be allowed to be called jam.

Jam law across the EU is meant to be harmonised. However, France, Germany and Denmark have all recently used an 'escape clause' in the legislation to permit jams with a sugar content below 60%. The U.K. government now needs to use this 'escape clause' to account for British apple-based jams.

10. Apple Vending Machines for Baruch College

Baruch's vending machine provides a lot of unhealthy snacks.

Sign this petition to advocate for healthier and cleaner food!

Apples in particular!

11. Ask Apple to make iPhones and iPads in the US

Recent news has shown our fancy Apple gadgets are made in grim conditions in Shenzhen China. They are not be the only company, but they may be the one company we can convince to bring jobs home.

A NY Times article reported it would cost $63 to make an iPhone in the US - I'm willing to pay that difference for my next iPhone to be American-made - if you are too please sign up and let Apple know.

12. Loss of SMS messages with ios5 update on apple iPhone. We want a fix!

Ever since apples update of ios5 there has been a few bugs. One that has me and a lot of other people going crazy trying to get answers for I'd the lack of keeping SMS messages after updating to ios5.

Some people cannot text, some people cannot bring there SMS messages from 4.3.3 or 4.3.5 over to 5.0 or 5.0.1. We have all took time out to try and get this resolves by calling emailing going into the store starting up a forum about it. Restore after restore after restore Still nothing. It looks like we're the only ones trying to do Somthing about it.

I have had the 2g,3G,3GS,4 and now the 4s (MacBook and iPad as well). I am a loyal customer to apple. We need this get fixed!!!!

13. MLXChange on a MAC/iPad and multiple browsers

MLXChange is a web based program that Realtors use to search listing, send emails to clients, create comparative market analysis and many other functions to do with real estate. The main problem with this is that it only works on Internet explorer. With the computing world evolving daily, having a major work function limited to one browser isn't feasible any more.

Realtors need portability and with the invention of the iPad, a browser platform that only works on PC's is keeping Realtors in the 90's.

14. Apple, take up responsibility for poisoned workers!

In 2009 a number of workers from United Win (China), a Suzhuo based electronic manufacturer and a subsidiary of Wintek Corporation, the Taiwanese company which is a supplier for Apple, were poisoned while using the chemical “Hexane” to wipe Apple Iphones. In the “Apple Supplier Responsibility Progress Report” released on 15 February 2011, Apple admitted that United Win (China) was its supplier, and had subsequently sent Apple staff to speak to United Win workers on 22 February 2011. On the same day, United Win workers issued a letter to Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs to ask for Apple’s account.

On 2 March 2011 (US time), the grand launching day of Apples Ipad 2, 22 poisoned workers in United Win with recurring symptoms bargained with management for immediate checkup and follow-up treatment. The workers also reveal that although on shop floor a fan system has been installed, the two chemicals, “isopropanol” and “acetone” that have replaced the original “hexane” still contain irritating elements and are still poisonous – these two chemicals likely cause headaches, dizziness, and in the long run may cause cancer or severe allergic reactions.

The protective measures offered by United Win to the workers are insufficient – each day a worker only receives a thin paper face mask, which cannot filter the gaseous fumes emitted by the chemicals. But until 3 March, workers still receive no positive responses from United Win nor Apple. Workers' health is worsening and feeling desperate about their situation.

15. Review APPLE's after sales support in Greece

In a landmark case in Greece, an official Apple reseller and authorized service provider sued a consumer for 200,000 euros because he complained online.

After 128 days of trouble for the consumer and thousands of complaints, the case was dropped as excessive and inappropriate, without any compensation for his legal expenses.

On this occasion, several inadequacies concerning Apple's after sales support in Greece arose from a widespread dialogue among the consumers.

16. The missing Sync! Sync iCal "to dos" to the iPhone

Ever wondered why Apple doesn't support syncing of iCal "to dos" to your iPhone? Seems like such an oversight that one can't possibly imagine that it wasn't done on purpose.

However, after reading countless forums, contacting Apple directly and even visiting the local AppleStore, I'm still coming up empty handed, everyone knows that it is not possible, but nobody knows why!

So, this is where this petition comes in. If you're experiencing the same frustrations as I am (and judging by the activity on numerous forums around the globe and the overwhelming number of articles, I'm not alone), join me in petitioning Apple to fix this glaringly obvious problem.

This omission seems so "un-Apple-like", perhaps they just need to see what a bother this oversight causes to everyday use of iCal with the iPhone to realize they need to take us seriously? Let's hope anyway, fingers crossed!

17. Foreign imports (NO WAY)

Please sign on to remove foreign imports.

We the customers of Woolworths want a whole shelf range of 100% Australian made and owned.

We will shop with opposition retailers who will support 100% Australian made and owned.



The petition has been sent to Mr Luscombe.

Keep spreading the word and sign on as I have sent him a link to this petition which he will most likely view.

18. Free MMO-RPGs For Mac

The concept of the free MMORPG has been around a long time, and there are hundreds of various titles that the average computer user can instal and play on his or her computer. The sheer number of these free to play MMO-RPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) is astounding.

You can search the internet and find the exact game play style (ex, mouse movement or keyboard) and graphics (3D, 2D, Anime, Realistic) that you desire. Numerous people download and play these games everyday, but sadly not everyone can enjoy the diverse amount of these game available for free for people to play.

The Mac user is left out...but this is nothing new. It seems that every single free MMO-RPG released is designed only to be played by the PC user. The system requirements always state that Microsoft Windows Xp is needed to play. Clicking the download link always displays a .EXE extension to the file. That signals that I can't play it. I have tried to open numerous free MMOs but they always disappoint me...

Here is the list of MMO-RPGs that Mac users are barred from playing:

3D Wow Clones:
Talisman Online
Runes of Magic

Anime Styled:
Mabinogi: Fantasy Life (From Nexon, creators of Maplestory)
LUNA Online
Scions of Fate
Fly For Fun-a.k.a Flyff
Monato Esprit
Dream of Mirror Online
Tales of Pirates
Fiesta Online
Seal Online
Secret of the Solstice
Tales Runner
ZU Online
Grand Chase
Albatross 18
Vanilla Gate
Splash Fighters
Rumble Fighter
Manga Fighter
Shin Megami Tensei

There are also numerous others that I cannot play, to see the FULL LIST of MMO's visit this website:

It is a huge disappointment that out of the 25 total MMO-RPGs listed here, not one of them is available for a Mac user to install and play. Despite this lack of Mac support, I don't believe that the creators of these MMOs are trying to exclude Mac users on purpose. I think that when these games are developed, they create them to reach the widest possible target audience. The majority of computer users own a Windows based OS, unfortunately. But what many of these developers don't realize is that the number of people using Macs instead is steadily increasing, not every computer owner uses a Windows based operating system. Mac users make up a substantial market as well, and should not be ignored just because game developers neglect to realize that there is more than one computer operating system.

"Opponents state that a Mac versions of these MMOs are not needed, referring to the fact that Mac users can run Boot camp or programs like Parallels to run windows and still play the game. But the problem with this argument is the cost for Mac users, Windows emulation programs like VM Ware and Parallels are very expensive (cost $80.00) plus the cost of a Windows XP disk (around $120.00). Even with Boot Camp (which is free, runs only on Intel Macs) you are still required to buy a Windows XP disk for Boot Camp to work. This is not fair to the Mac user because these games are all free to install, sign up for, and play. It is unfair for Mac users to have to pay around 120.00 to 200.00 for games that are free for everyone else."
-Adapted from Maplestory petition

In conclusion, I want companies to realize that there are computer users out there that own Macs. I want it to be known that including these Mac users would provide freeware MMO-RPG companies valuable customers that would be willing to pay for in-game services just like their PC user counterparts. The goal of many of these companies is to reach the widest possible target audience, this is the reason that many (or all) of them neglect to develop their games for the Apple OS. But there is a downside to this strategy, in trying to reach the widest possible audience they do just the opposite. Reaching the widest possible audience, in reality, would mean developing (from the start, or adding support later on) to the computer users who own Apple computers running Mac OS 10.5.

Finally, Macs are not like they were in the past. Most Mac computers are now Intel-processor based, the same intel processor that most PCs use. Today's Macs are even able to run a Windows based operating system on them due to this new processor. I can't stress how important this fact is, this makes creating a Mac version much easier for game developers than it would have been in the past. Due to this fact, there should be no excuse to why companies can't take full advantage of this new technology and port their Windows only games to the Mac as well.

19. End Apple iPhone exclusivity to O2 in the UK

Apple's exclusivity to O2 prevents competition on tariffs and upgrade prices. Customers, particularly those with existing iPhone 3G contracts, are getting a poor deal.

Apple should consider including other operators or it risks losing the customer loyalty and reputation it has so heavily invested in.

20. Apple give us Notebooks that deserve the extension Pro

Apple Inc. produces great products and their overall quality is great. Although the last updates of their professional notebook line were not satisfying for many professional users.

21. o2 - No 3gs Upgrade for Current iPhone customers

According to - o2 will not be allowing current iPhone 3g Customers to upgrade early without paying out their current contract.

Sign up if you aren't happy.

22. Bring back unbiased reviews on the Gadget Show

We have noticed an increasing bias towards all things Apple in what used to be a fantastic review show for the latest technology and gadgetry. We would like the show to go back to being reliable and not always Apple dominated!

23. Review Apple Pro Application Support

Apple's company philosophy is causing major discontent among Millions of Pro application users worldwide.

24. Channel 5 Mac Support

I want Channel five web service Demand Five to stream content in Apple Mac supported content, all the other channels support it so why not them.

DRM is no excuse as was the response to the email I got from the channel.

I have already emailed and spoken to a few people about this and they all feel the same way so lets gets some names and get them to change the five's non apple ways!

25. The Original iPhone on Pay As You Go

The original iPhone was a revolutionary mobile phone. It has redefined the standards for mobile phones. Now, more than a year later, the iPhone has had a successor. The iPhone 3G. Now, the original iPhone has been abandoned, left behind like an embarrassing mistake. This is not how the mobile phone industry works. Models from as long as 10 years ago are still available from companies such as Nokia.

Apple should accept that mobile phones are not like computers in that they are sold beyond the time until a newer model is released.

26. Say No to the 3G iPhone

There is good reason to believe that Apple, through its marketing and visual design techniques, is manufacturing an illusion that merely buying an Apple makes you part of an alternative community.

But the technology they use is arguably explicitly chosen to divide people into separate digital cells, and to position Apple as sole warden. When your business depends on people paying for the privilege of being locked up, the prison better look and feel luxurious, and the bars better not be too visible.

27. Make Apples easier to use

I have had lots of problems with Apple when I use Microsoft programs.

28. Get Telstra to sell the iPhone in Australia

Apple will be releasing the 3G iPhone on July 11 2008 to both Optus and Vodafone, leaving Australia's largest telecommunication company and leading 3G network without.

29. Stop iTunes UK unfair prices

This week iTunes launched the film service in the UK but with a curse. The price. We are being told to pay £10.99 for new films. Films which can be bought on DVD, ripped and converted for less.

This is just a continuation of a discriminatory pricing policy that abuses UK citizens.

30. SERIOUS improvement on EA Mac Games

EA stated they would do there best to realise Games onto the Macintosh Platform
OS X. This was delayed.