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Since 2001, Apple has been sporting an awesome operating system called Mac OS X. Although being free of viruses, spyware, more stable and secure than Windows, and having awesome features; Mac OS X has less support than Windows when it comes to games.

The reasons for this probably are less expandability are in Macs, no top-of-the-line graphics cards are in the Macs, and less install base than Windows. The latter, fortunately, is becoming less and less of a problem each day. Before, PowerPC processors also prevented easy porting of games from Windows, but luckily this problem is non existent with Apple’s swtich to Intel processors.

Apple has seem to somewhat rectify the situation with the new EA games already out for the Mac, but that still is not enough! Valve, makers of the famous Half-Life and other games, has rejected Mac because of Apple’s lack of interest in gaming. See the attached website for more info.

If Apple won't listen to a game developer, perhaps they will listen to us.
Fortunately they have a good history of doing so. I ask you to sign this petition
to make Apple listen to us.

My suggestions are to Apple are:
-Making a highly expandable computer, a motherboard, or allowing Mac OS X
runnable on hardware other than Macs.

-I also strongly suggest that Apple form partnerships with more game
developers and the GPU companies, Nvidia and ATI.

-I also suggest that Apple maybe form their own gaming division, but this
probably won't happen soon, if at all.

Please leave other suggestions in the comments.

When there are maybe >1000 signatures, I will send a link to this petition to
Apple. Please sign and hopefully this has some effect. Thank you very much.

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