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1. Support the Redevelopment of Alexandria Town Centre - Including a New Lidl

The Proposed Site
The proposed new Lidl store is a planned as part of a redevelopment of Alexandria Town Centre. Other uses will include residential properties and further retail and amenity providers TBC. The site would be accessed directly from Bank Street.

The existing Town Centre is dated and requires re-development to provide suitable parking and facilities for the local community, this proposal would see much needed investment made into Alexandria.

Benefits of the Proposed New Lidl
• The development of the site will provide the following benefits to the local area:
• Car Parking with Disabled, Parent and Child and secure Cycle Parking;
• Wide and accessible shopping aisles and clear signage, to allow ease of access and free movement for all customers;
• A stand-alone in-store bakery in order to provide customers with freshly baked produce throughout the day;
• Optional Self-service tills;
• Modern and spacious welfare areas for employees;
• A large glazed frontage to allow natural light into the store and reduce electricity consumption; and
• Convenient access due to its positioning within the Town Centre.

2. Save the Alexandria Hotel

Around June 21, 2015 proposal was submitted by Centennial Property Group for the "demolition of the Alexandria Hotel building and construction of a 4 storey mixed use building. Building consists of 28 residential apartments, a commercial tenancy on the ground floor facing Henderson Road, a basement for general residential storage and the storage of 28 residential bike lockers and 7 retail bike rails and a communal open space on the rooftop".

Opened 1870 and rebuilt in 1930, the hotel is a place for locals, workers, families, sports fans and even dogs.

With so much residential development going on in South Sydney it would be a tragedy to lose this hotel and it's wonderfully spacious beer garden.

Here's a few quotes so far from concerned community members:

"The density of the Waterloo area is quite high and non-residential communal areas, such as pubs like this one with a large outdoor area, are becoming increasingly rare in Sydney. It is a massive loss of potential amenity for the community. The Alexandria Hotel has a strong history of hosting big meet-n-greet events in their large beer garden (e.g. Green-Ups)."

"Alexandria risks becoming entirely charmless as it is through the rapid development, let alone losing one of the only cultural hubs it has. The Alexandra is a fantastic example of a family-friendly Sydney pub in an area that needs it. I strongly object to this." - Alexander Vitlin

"This would do a great disservice to its community, I work next door in a building that is 24/7 we all speak about how family oriented this facility is, never any trouble well policed family and drinking and sporting venue..... This makes no sense" - Kelly DeSouza

You can read more in media here:

Let's let the community know we care!

3. The Eisenhower West Small Area Plan Needs to Be a Priority

For more than ten years the Eisenhower West Small Area Plan has met with continual delays. As a direct consequence, development along Eisenhower Avenue continues to languish but for light industrial uses such as auto body shops and storage facilities. The Victory Center remains empty. Portions of South Pickett Street contained within the Plan area fare no better.

The City is long overdue in letting property owners know what the future does and does not hold. In the meantime, the City is failing to benefit from the potential of dramatically increased commercial real estate taxes that could be realized from both improved and new commercial development.

The purpose of this petition is to let our City Council and Administration know that there is widespread desire to see this long overdue Small Area Plan undertaken without further delay.

4. Reject VDOT's Environmental Assessment for I-395 HOV Ramp at Seminary Road Until Shortcomings Are Addressed

Given the shortcomings of the Virginia Department of Transportation’s “Environmental Assessment for the Proposed I-395 HOV Ramp at Seminary Road” dated December 20, 2011, this petition is intended to clearly set forth the primary concerns and expectations of members of the Alexandria community with respect to that Environmental Assessment.

5. Justice for the victims of the Two Saints Church, Alexandria, Egypt

يعرب أهالي القتلى والمصابين وجموع الأقباط عن استيائهم من مرور أكثر من تسع شهور حتى الآن على حادث التفجير المأساوي الذي وقع أمام كنيسة القديسين في الاسكندرية بعد مرور دقائق قليلة من بدء العام الميلادي الجديد 2011 واثناء احتفالات الاقباط بهذه المناسبة، مما اسفر عن مقتل 21 من الرجال والنساء والاطفال، وأصابة أكثر من مائة من المصلين جراء هذا الفعل الجبان.
وبداية يسعى كل فرد من أفراد أسر القتلى والمصابين منذ فترة طويلة الى محاولة التغلب على احزانهم والبدء بالعيش في سلام، وبالتالي فأنه يلزم من منطلق الحرص على الوحدة الوطنية واسم الاسلام، معرفة هوية الجناة واعتقال المسؤولين عن هذا التفجير.
يرجى الأخذ بعين الاعتبار ان أسر الضحايا والاقباط عموماً، متضررون ومتألمون بسبب عدم اتخاذ السلطات المعنية لأي رد فعل ايجابي تجاه ايجاد حل لهذه المشكلة وذلك بالوقوف على هوية الجناة وتقديمهم للعدالة.
لذلك نرى من الأهمية بمكان أن يسلم الاشخاص الذين اعلنوا ، بعد ثورة يناير 2011 ، أن لديهم معلومات مباشرة ووثائق متعلقة بالحادث للسيد النائب العام لاتخاذ الاجراءات القانونية بشأنها.
ويخشى الاقباط من عدم وجود رغبة واضحة لدى السلطات المعنية في اتخاذ اي اجراء قانوني لضبط الجناة وتقديمهم للمحاسبة امام القضاء، حيث أن هذا التجاهل من شأنه الاسهام في زيادة الهجمات ضد الاقباط. كما انهم يخشون ايضاً ان يعتبر السلفيون هذا التجاهل من جانب السلطات المعنية بمثابة الضوء الاخضر لهم لمواصلة وتكثيف الاضطهاد والقتل.
ان تحديد المسئولين عن هذه الجريمة النكراء، وتقديمهم للعدالة امام القضاء سيضع حداً للمعاناة اليومية لأسر الضحايا. لذلك يجب أن يتعين على العدالة أن تأخذ مجراها فوراً وبدون تأخير لا مبرر له.
لذلك نرفع التماسنا التالي توخياً للعدالة لضحايا كنيسة القديسين بالاسكندرية الابرياء:

Minutes into the New Year, a terrorist act by detonating explosives at the Two Saints’ Coptic Church in Alexandria, Egypt, while New Years Eve prayers were being conducted killing 27 and injuring 79. The Egyptian government announced that it will bring the perpetrators to justice. Now after more than 7 months there is no charge brought against any one and justice is not in the horizon.

Neither this barbaric act of violence nor the government response is an isolated incident but small part in the cycle of persecution, intimidation and violence targeting many Egyptians that are taking place over the past 30 years. As to Coptic Christians there has been over 400 cases of Christians killed in cold blood over the past 30 years for no reason other than being Christians, their murder gone without prosecution by the Egyptian government justice system which has given green light to Islamic fundamentalists to continue and intensify their persecution and murder.

With the dawn of the Egyptian revolution we Copts felt an end is coming to over 30 years of systemic discriminated and persecutions against any one who is not Muslim Sunni. However events so far proved that the Copts optimism has not yet translated to deeds. The families of the dead and the injured have not seen that justice is done; the government does not seem concerned after the state failure to protect its citizens, an essential part of a state towards its citizen.

6. No New Density in Beauregard Corridor

Given the perceived shortcomings of the City government processes surrounding BRAC-133, this petition is intended to clearly set forth the concerns and expectations of members of the Alexandria, Virginia, community with respect to any new development (or redevelopment) within the Beauregard Corridor.

7. No to Deerfield Walking Trail

This is a petition against the proposed walking trail that is to be located to the rear of the homes that are located in the 5900 residential block of Deerfield.

8. Don't Close The British Council Library (Alexandria)

The closing down of the British Council Library (KLC) in Alexandria has upset many students in Alexandria since they depended on it greatly as an active provider of information which not only allowed its members to browse through its shelves, but also to borrow from it, an option which only existed there.

So this is a petition from the members of the British Council to re-open the library.


June 20, 2006

Bio Corporation, located in Alexandria, Minn., provides educators with "dissection models" which include cats, skinned cats, pregnant cats, mink, rabbits, fetal pigs, and a lot of other animals - some of them are even alive!!

Have a look for yourself:
Tell Bio Corp. that animal cruelty is NOT required for a student to learn - and that there are other more humane, more accurate, and more cost-efficient dissection alternatives availible to educate students.