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City of Sydney

Around June 21, 2015 proposal was submitted by Centennial Property Group for the "demolition of the Alexandria Hotel building and construction of a 4 storey mixed use building. Building consists of 28 residential apartments, a commercial tenancy on the ground floor facing Henderson Road, a basement for general residential storage and the storage of 28 residential bike lockers and 7 retail bike rails and a communal open space on the rooftop".

Opened 1870 and rebuilt in 1930, the hotel is a place for locals, workers, families, sports fans and even dogs.

With so much residential development going on in South Sydney it would be a tragedy to lose this hotel and it's wonderfully spacious beer garden.

Here's a few quotes so far from concerned community members:

"The density of the Waterloo area is quite high and non-residential communal areas, such as pubs like this one with a large outdoor area, are becoming increasingly rare in Sydney. It is a massive loss of potential amenity for the community. The Alexandria Hotel has a strong history of hosting big meet-n-greet events in their large beer garden (e.g. Green-Ups)."

"Alexandria risks becoming entirely charmless as it is through the rapid development, let alone losing one of the only cultural hubs it has. The Alexandra is a fantastic example of a family-friendly Sydney pub in an area that needs it. I strongly object to this." - Alexander Vitlin

"This would do a great disservice to its community, I work next door in a building that is 24/7 we all speak about how family oriented this facility is, never any trouble well policed family and drinking and sporting venue..... This makes no sense" - Kelly DeSouza

You can read more in media here:




Let's let the community know we care!

We, the undersigned, call on the city of Sydney and Centennial Property Group to save the Alexandria Hotel from demolition.

We've got plenty of apartments, let us keep our beer gardens too!

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