Petition Tag - acorn

1. Stop Obama's Fishy E-mail Program

President Obama’s White House has started a new email address for their supporters to report any emails, websites or neighbors who opposed their health reform plan. The information will most definitely be used to compile an Obama enemy list. This amounts to the Executive Branch of our Government asking their supporters to report their neighbor’s activities.

President Obama’s request strips all of us of our right to “Free Speech” and further serves to divide the population much the same way as Castro’s Cuba suffered in the early 1960’s when the Committee for Defense of the Revolutions were formed. During the 2008 presidential election then candidate Obama made mention of a well armed civil army. This snitch program as it has been referred to by some, amounts to the beginning of a civil army program. This is socialism at its very “grass roots”.

2. Keep Little Acorn Pre School Open

I would like to start this petition in order to show the Pastor and the Board of this church that this community needs this school and wants this school to stay open for the sake of our children and their education.

For this is the most critical time in development for these youngsters and to throw off all they have learned and have become accustomed to would be disheartening.