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President Obama’s White House has started a new email address for their supporters to report any emails, websites or neighbors who opposed their health reform plan. The information will most definitely be used to compile an Obama enemy list. This amounts to the Executive Branch of our Government asking their supporters to report their neighbor’s activities.

President Obama’s request strips all of us of our right to “Free Speech” and further serves to divide the population much the same way as Castro’s Cuba suffered in the early 1960’s when the Committee for Defense of the Revolutions were formed. During the 2008 presidential election then candidate Obama made mention of a well armed civil army. This snitch program as it has been referred to by some, amounts to the beginning of a civil army program. This is socialism at its very “grass roots”.

Mr. Obama, you are trampling all over our civil rights, you a community organizer and defender of our freedom of speech. Where are the Civil Liberties Union and the press while you are tearing down the very core of our Nation?

President Obama’s request of the populous reporting on one another will strip from the American citizens their Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Assembly the very essence of our country.

President Obama, a majority of the population voted you President of the United States, you are my President as was your predecessor, the majority of the population did not vote you King, Premier of Dictator, we all deserve the freedom to oppose you or any of our elected officials, you Sir as a Community Organizer enjoyed the freedoms given to all of us, and you Sir were never persecuted or reported to the White House regardless of how patriotic or non-patriotic your actions might have been.

We want our President to know that his request for citizens reporting other citizens activities border on Socialist practices and in itself will threaten the security of the United States.

We the undersigned, call on you President Obama to repeal the current request for information and reporting practice based solely on the opposition to the Health Reform Act.

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