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The academic tools and resources for ELEC3400, Signal Processing, have been poorly designed. Lectures are very easily understood and thus, makes the module seem easy. As for tutorials, insufficient relevant questions were given for practice and no answers were provided either. This makes us unaware of what we are doing is correct or incorrect.

We do believe that tutorials are the most critical part of any module as it is from there we can understand the concepts better, practice questions and prepare ourselves for the Final Exam. But it hasn't been this way so far. Tutorials have been largely a waste of time. Questions given for practise are not preparing us for the Final exam. Most of the students have failed the module due to the final exam. The questions asked are NOT RELEVANT to what was being taught in the module.

Solution : More tough questions to be given out for practice. Questions which meet the similar difficulty level asked during exams would provide better preparation and understanding of the module. Past Year exam samples to be given.

We, the undersigned, kindly call on the UON to look into this matter seriously and undertake appropriate changes.

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