#Civil Rights
United States Government Officials
United States of America

Make one free Obama government gun available to low income families for self defense.

Each American should be armed and ready to protect their families in an emergency.

The United States Governmet should offer (1)one gun free per household. It will be a lesser calibur and price gun. Each applicant shall not have any serious violent felonies on their record.

Americans are being stripped of their rights to bear arms.

Sign this petition to make every law abiding family available (1)one free gun to protect their families and homes from terrorists and intruders.

We the undersigned want the United States Of America Government to make available for All Law abiding Americans (1) One Free Government Gun. Must be low income and no violent felonies on record. Lower end calibur and lower end gun price. Choice of handgun .25 cal or shotgun 12g. Should include one free gun safety course per household.

Sign this petition if you agree that all Americans shall have the protection available and ready to use to defend their families from terrorists and intruders.

Thank you.

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