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When people think of cyberbullying, they tend to think of the more well-known social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MSN, but the truth is that cyberbullying can happen anywhere, even on sites that were made with e intentions, such as Yahoo! Answers.

Around 50% of all Yahoo! Answers users are either repeat trolls or repeat abusers. Comments such as "grow the f*** up" and insults like "spoiled brat", "a**hole" and "kid" (used to describe a teenager).

I, myself, have been attacked, mocked and referred to on there by many others and wish to put a stop to this sort of offensive behaviour on this otherwise brilliant site.

We, the undersigned, would like to see the following changes to Yahoo! Answers:

* Users' accounts suspended if they violate more than twice.

* Users given more encouragement to report abuse.

* Users who report others for any other reasons besides violation more than three times to have their accounts suspended.

* A rule made against mocking people.

* Not so much commercialism.

* No points given just for answering and twenty points given for best answer, as opposed to just ten (to encourage users to give better answers to stop them from just answering solely to gain points).

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The Yahoo! Answers Needs to be More Well-Regulated petition to Yahoo! Answers was written by Victoria Salter and is in the category Internet at GoPetition.