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Ontario government and local councils in Durham Region

In British Columbia and most states in the USA, they have a mechanism called 'Recall' whereby 'bad' politicians can be removed through a formal petition process.

In the 2010 municipal election in Durham there were a few candidates who took a specific position against the construction of a garbage incinerator in Courtice. They even accepted money and help from people on the basis of that position. However, within weeks after the election they reversed their position.

It is that sort of behaviour that Recall is intended to stop. If Durham region had had recall in 2010 these politicians would have been removed from office. However, more likely they would have realized the consequences and not reversed their positions.

In the absence of Recall, DurhamCLEAR has created a facsimile which is based on contract law and public pressure. DurhamCLEAR is asking all candidates for the October 27 municipal election to pledgethat they:

1) Support the principle that citizens should be able to ‘Recall’ their elected representatives;

2) If elected, they will introduce a motion during my first year of office to ask the provincial government to bring forward legislation to enshrine Recall for municipal politicians;

3) Prior to, such legislation, they pledge to resign their Council position if a constituent conducts a petition and gets the properly validated signatures equivalent to 25% of the votes cast for all candidates for their position.

For further information and to see the list of those candidates who have signed the pedge, please visit AccountabilityProject.ca

We, the undersigned, support the implementation of Recall for all municipal politicians as a tool to bring greater accountability to local government.

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