Islamic Scholars & Governments

Child Marriages were a social norm in the 7th Century when age of Consent was determined by Puberty. Today, there is a new social norm whereby anyone marrying a minor is considered a pedophile.

According to Islamic Jurisprudence, we, The Ummah have voted in a worldwide Consensus (ijma) and are by Islamic Law calling on the Scholars to protect our children and BAN this practice by 30 December 2010.

We, the undersigned call upon all Muslims (Ummah) to vote in a worldwide consensus to eliminate Child Marriage.

We are also calling on all the Muslim Scholars to Ban Child Marriages in Islam and to legalise a minimum age limit for 'Informed Consent' to be 18 years for girls.

We are also calling on Governments to place a minimum age limit for Consent to be 18 years and to Ban Child Marriage in every Country of the World. End Child Marriage... your vote counts.

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