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Throughout life there are times when you need to follow your heart and let whatever comes of it, just happen. When vocalist Damion Page paired up with guitarist Kevin Leggett in 2009, the Brisbane duo had no idea that this was the journey they would in fact take.

Coming from varied music backgrounds and many years of experience in the industry, the two experimented with different sounds and acoustics to create the original and organic sound of ‘Words Versing Verses’.

“All of our old things, all of our roots have brought us to doing what we are doing now. We haven’t just abandoned everything. We’ve just kind of moved on from it and taken what we’ve learnt. I think this is more of a release for us.”

In March 2010 the duo made the major decision to head to Brisbane’s R & D Records to work with producers Ric and Darran Parker and start production on the self-titled EP.

“The ideas just seemed to pour out of us. We wanted such a raw emotional sound and we soon learned it was better to stay with our initial spontaneous ideas. We didn’t want these ideas and stories to become over produced and lifeless.”

“We are really excited about this EP release, touring and seeing what people get out of it.”

Having already SOLD OUT their first two home shows in Brisbane the boys are quick are excited to announce that they have been signed to Brisbane label R&D Records for their new up-coming single and Video for "TIGERS"

We, the undersigned, call on all WVV fans to help get WVV tour with City & Colour.

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