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Worcestershire County Council
United Kingdom

Currently at the mouth of Midland Road there is a ‘pedestrian island’ although there is no dropped kerb on the pavement either side of the pedestrian crossing it is still forcing people to believe this is the best and safest place to cross the road. It is not!! At that point there are no less than 4 lanes of traffic that you have to look out for including the blind bend under the tunnels.

This area is not only unsafe for able bodied people and children but it is also impossible for people with disabilities. I myself can’t imagine the difficulties that people with hearing or visual impairments must go through whilst crossing this road but I know first hand that a person in a wheelchair would have to go all the way up Midland Road to the nearest dropped kerbs at Lea and Perrins. This includes crossing two other junctions just to get to Lea and Perrins.

There is ample opportunity for a pedestrian crossing slightly further up the road - if there is allowance for vehicles to park, there is definitely scope for a crossing.

We, the undersigned, call on the County Council to make Midland Road, Worcester a safer environment for pedestrians and disabled persons by installing a pedestrian crossing.

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