Residents in the area
United Kingdom

The roads opposite Highgate Woods; Woodland Rise, Woodland Gardens, Onslow Gardens and Cranley Gardens have come under increasing parking and traffic pressure during the last few years.

The streets are increasingly used for car parking by those unable to park close to Highgate station and in Muswell Hill due to the introduction of CPZ schemes in both Highgate and Muswell Hill. In addition a number of trade vehicles from local business currently use the road as a parking facility.

Local residents have found it increasingly impossible to park close to their homes and there is increased traffic flow through these residential areas from non residential traffic. There are also safety concerns from the residents of this area many of which have young families.

We request that Haringay Council consider a CPZ for this area.

We the undersigned, seek urgent implementation of a CPZ in the Muswell Hill streets of Woodland rise, Woodland Gardens and Onslow Gardens as the parking situation has detreriorated to an extent that it is increasingly impossible for local residents to park.

We request that Haringay Council commence consultation with a view to implementing a CPZ as soon as possible.

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