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Member of winster since July 2007, unhappy with the price changes, changes in the amount of spins, and changes that make it too difficult to earn prizes.

We, the undersigned, are members in good standing of winster.com.

We are unhappy with the changes in price, amount of spins given, and raises in points that it takes to redeem for prizes.

We are demanding a change for the better, as the site has lost much of it's appeal and it is getting to the point where it is no longer worth our time and money to play on winster any more.

The changes should include (but are not limited to) a price drop or keeping the amount of spins (or more) for the money we are already paying, less points needed to earn prizes, and anything else that might earn back our favor.

Many of us are already planning or will plan to cancel our memberships if the necessary changes are not made.

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