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Pepsi is coming out with a limited edition can with the pledge of allegience on it. This is a great idea, with one very bad move! They have decided, that they did not want to offend anyone and would be removing the words "one nation under God". This is our country's pledge. These are the words that our great grand-parents, grandparents, parents, ourselves and our children & grand children know to be our pledge and recite every morning.
I am offended, so Pepsi's goal to not offend anyone has failed miserably! If you are offended, I urge you to exercise your right to speak out. I have purchased pepsi products my entire life, but not anymore. I cannot support a company who is ashamed of our pledge in it's entirely. Join me by signing this petition if you are offended of their choice!

I disagree with Pepsi's decision to omit the words "one nation under god" on their new pepsi can that will have our Pledge of Allegience on it. I would like them to know that in their efforts to not offend anyone, that I am deeply offended that they would change words that our country has recited for years, in an effort to please others who do not accept our pledge as a national treasure!

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