Department of Racing Gaming and Liquor

The Greater Union Organisation Pty and Village Cinemas Australia Pty Ltd is seeking to alter their current “Special Facility Licence” at Event Cinemas, Innaloo, to extend the sale of alcohol from the exclusive Gold Class area to a café/bar in the main cinema complex.

Greater Union wants to:
i. sell alcohol in a café/bar in the foyer area at Innaloo cinemas to any adult from 10am until the end of the last movie, seven days a week

• The café/bar will be across from the candy bar and ticket booths
• The applicants have stated that they think it would be a good idea that parents are able to drink alcohol at the café/bar while they wait for their children to watch a movie.

ii. allow alcohol consumption in the foyer, concourse area (passage to the cinemas) and inside the VMax cinema which holds 350 to 400 people
• People will be able to buy their drinks at the bar and then walk with their drinks to the VMax cinema
• People will be able to drink inside the VMax cinema
• The VMax cinema is where they show the 3D films
• 3D films are popular with children and young people of all ages

iii. allow unsupervised children of any ages in the areas where adults can drink
• This includes the foyer, the concourse (passage to the VMax and other general cinemas) and the VMax cinema itself
• This will mean that children and young people under 18 will be in the company of drinking adults unknown to them.

One of the last rites of passage in Australia that doesn’t involve alcohol i.e. being able to go to the movies without Mum and Dad - is under threat.

We, the undersigned, do not support the liquor license application by Greater Union Organisation Pty Ltd and Village Cinemas to be able to sell alcohol to patrons of Event Cinemas, Innaloo outside of their current license arrangements (i.e. Gold Class).

We do not want people to be able to drink or be under the influence of alcohol in close proximity to children and young people under the legal drinking age before, during and after movies held at Greater Union Cinemas, Innaloo.

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