#Human Rights
The Human Race

For 40 years Cheech and Chong have entertained the world with their comedy regarding Marijuana. From what started out by a controlling governments around the world claiming that a naturally grown plant they claimed led to hard drugs has now been downgraded and then upgraded as a medicinal plant which studies from the 1800's have proven that it has usage for Depression, Sleep Disorders, Asthma, Gluacoma, and today Cancer.

We the people of planet earth believe that Thomas Kin Chong has put his life on the line for all of mankind. He risked his life to prove that Canabinoids in marijuana attack and kill cancerous cells.

His life long career which to promote marijuana was stymied by being falsely accused by the United States government leading him to fight harder for all mankind.

We wish Tommy to receive the Nobel Peace Prize and for Marijuana to be legal and free of government taxes or control.

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