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Neema House Arusha

We really need to help the helpless babies in Africa, or they will not survive! They are the most vulnerable in Africa. In Africa, babies are often left in forests, at roadsides, in latrines, outside churches, hospitals and police stations. Without help, their chances of survival are tiny.

Many of the mothers of the babies have died. The fact is that maternal mortality is 1 in 39 in sub-Saharan Africa. In industrialized countries, the maternal mortality is 1 in 4700! So there are lots of babies in Africa that do not have a mother, and in despair, and because of poverty, they leave the babies to their fate. But there is a great organization in the city of Arusha in Tanzania that takes care of these babies: Neema House Arusha! Currently they take care of 23 babies aged between two weeks and two years. The babies have been abandoned or the mother has died.

Michael, who seems to be five months old, was left on someone's veranda in the middle of the night. When the family found him, they called the police, but got no help . Then they called Neema House instead, and got immediate help. Usually it is the police who calls Neema House because someone has found a baby somewhere. The babies are usually at risk and need care to survive. I'm impressed by Neema Houses effort - they do a fantastic job. But they need help from us, to keep their rescue center running. I myself would very much like to go and volunteer with them for a few months. Information about this and other things about Neema House is found on their website : www.tanzaniaorphanhelp.com

You can help them financially, for example by sponsoring one or more babies. Tell people about Neema House or other orphanages, then you make a big difference.

The babies need your help!

We, the undersigned, will help abandoned and orphaned babies in Tanzania.

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