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Hispasexy is a forum open to the public where "Anonymous" users post material with a high sexual content of girls from 15 years of age and older, covering mostly Spanish-speaking territory. They use extremely offensive language, they denigrate each and every one of the girls there, and many of these posts are uploaded as revenge against the girls, little or none of these posts are uploaded with the consent of the girls and many times they leave this page those photos to be distributed in the form of threats and slander against whoever appears in the photos or videos, ruining the self-esteem, confidence and mental and physical integrity of the girls of whom it has been known that some have even tried to take their own lives. I was and am a victim of this forum for 3 years now, long years full of insults, threats and where not only my life has been in danger but also that of my children, all thanks to the fact that my ex-partner in a fit of anger decided to spread the photos and videos that he took of me in our intimacy, pretending to be "a bitch", I filed the complaint in my country but it did not proceed as it was cybernetic, so I ask for your help at this time since I have finished almost all of them my options to search close that forum.

I call on UN Women to carefully observe this website and stop this distribution of sexual material by users and administrators of the website itself, who admit that they are not responsible for what users upload and they only gave the idea so that third parties can anonymously distribute nudes of any girl looking for "more material" and implying very bad intentions

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