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1. Bring MenudoMania to NYC

We are looking to continue the Mania of Menudo by bringing MenudoManiaForever to NYC. We have in the past participated in El Reencuentro NYC and MenudoManiaForever in Miami.

We have received many requests for a show in the NYC area but need your help with reaching out to promote, and show how much interest we have in this area. Social media will only take us so far, so with your help our goal is to get at least 3000 signatures, enough to fill a venue and get this show on the east coast.

Please help by reaching out to all those MenudoManiacs out there, and lets show the Manager and promoters that WE CAN do this!

Thank you for the continued support and love of Menudo.

2. Monday, Latin nights at Toucans.

It's been stated that our Monday Latin Nights at Toucans Tiki Lounge will be getting a major makeover. Rumor has it, that the two shows, Noehmy y sus Divas and Jesus y sus Chicas Calientes will no longer incorporate all the aspects the shows have presented their audience in the past two years.

Changes will take effect this Monday September 21 2016. Some changes will include:
Performers will not be allowed to preform audience request.

The show will no longer be only a variety show. Performances will kept to a minimum.

3. Stop the use of Chemical Pesticides on Banana crops

Chemical pesticides have been used on banana crops for over half a century. The wide spread use of these pesticides in South American countries has produced numerous accounts of physical illness on the people who work on banana plantations as well as the people of the surrounding villages and towns.

The corporations who use these pesticides on a regular basis are ignoring many of these illness issues. The illnesses that are inflicted on the workers and their families cause undue financial and physical harm, and do not allow them to keep their jobs, which are essential to providing for their families.

4. Don't Phase Out Latin

Latin has been part of Castilleja's educational foundation since the beginning in 1907. It seems unfair that after middle school and upper school students alike have put much time and effort into this cause that it is being phased out.

Eighth graders will never be able to reach an AP level, sixth graders cannot fill their requirement. But Latin is more than just looking good on college applications, it is the highlight of our day, it is the love of learning, it is the JCL competitions, it is Magister Klopacz.

5. Safety and a New Playground for our Children

Magnolia St in dorchester is a long hill like street. On my street theres alot of loving families with alot of children who love to play outside. In the past month, there has been three accidents with children getting hit by speeding cars.

There's no speed bumps or lumps to reduce the speed of these cars and increase the safety of our children in the neighborhood. Also, there are over 8 empty lots on this street, but no playground or clean field for these kids to play in, instead, these lots are being used as dumpsites from outsiders! Adding speed lumps to our street and a playground on one of the lots, would improve effectively the safety of not only the children, but all the families.

As a young Latino I care about my community and the people living in it!

6. Cia. Tedancari - Workshop in Buenos Aires

Tedancari (acronym for Teatro Danza La Caridad - Theatre Dance La Caridad)
Afro Cuban and Contemporary Dance Company, founded in 1992 in Buenos Aires by the choreographer Marta Bercy, teacher of Modern and Afro Cuban dances.

Tedancari is formed by dancers from different countries, blending modern dance techniques with the most popular Afro Latin and Caribbean dances.

Marta Bercy (Cuba)
Tedancari General Director & Choreographer
MaƮtre of Contemporary and Afro Cuban Dances
Contemporary Ballet dancer from 1970 to 1986.
Member of Centro Prodanza of the National Ballet of Cuba since 1987.
Member of staff of CUBALLET (International Practical Course of the Cuban Ballet School) directed by Alicia y Laura Alonso.

7. Jonas Brothers in Latin America

Hey Everybody! Im Laura and Im owner of a fan site of the JB in myspace,that means that Im a huge fan of the Jonas Brothers. Im making this petition cuz Im an "international" fan of them and they are my entire life and mean the world to me, thats why I started all this, to make the guys come here to Latin America! Here are thousands of Latin JB fans who are waiting for them to come.

That's why I came out with this idea,and because the petition of the gurls who made them go to Oprah came out so well,I wanted to reach my goal too!Well Plz help us to make our dreams come true and make them come here!To Latin America!




8. Jonas Brothers in Latin America (Venezuela)

Jonas Brothers are doing a tour around the U.S. and also came to Mexico we know they are tired and need a break but please is there any way that they can come here!!

9. Availability of the Traditional Latin Mass

Working within the church with reference to the Ecclesia Dei adflicta 1988 of Pope John Paul II.