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Nick studios in florida closed in 2005 and ever since then all the old nick shows were taken off air. After that happened all the other nick studios started to take place of the old nick studios in Florida and what I've been reading on the internet every one wants the old nick shows back on

Hello, my name is Ryan Anderson, I am 13 years old and me and my friends want the old nick shows back on the air if it wouldn't be too much trouble. I was reading on the web that you are in the process in making a channel called "Nick Rewind" you were going to air it in fall 2008 but you never did so I'm wondering is if its going to air in fall 2009.

Look around the web type in old nick shows, read comments, stuff like that. So please take it into consideration to put nick rewind on the air and make a commercial about it so people know when it's going to be aired, THANKS.

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