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Larry & Kyle Hirshon were 5 timers on the Kiss Kruises starting with the very first one. For Kruises II-VI, Larry offered Tee shirts for purchase to ONLY his friends attending the Kruise. He was issued a warning from Sixthman to cease and desist after the 5th kruise. But as Larry has told me, "Sometimes I am not the sharpest tool in the shed", and he ignored the warning. Subsequently, he was banned from sailing on the KKVI. Larry was told he would be able to resume sailing on the KKVII, but shortly after the KKVI was over, Sixthman decided to make his ban LIFETIME for all SIXTHMAN cruises. We feel as this is a bit excessive as it is very evident that there are many people that are still selling fan made merchandise.

We would like to ask you (Sixthman) to please reconsider your decision and lift the lifetime ban on Larry Hirshon and allow him to be able to travel on any and all Sixthman cruises. Two Kiss Kruises have passed and we think that he has painfully learned his lesson to a rather harsh punishment. His presence is missed by many on the ship. His son Kyle is a huge KISS fan. The ban was not issued to Kyle, however the Kruises were an annual father and son event for them and Kyle will not sail without his father by his side. They are very good people and they deserve to be there. Please, give Larry another chance and return his status to "active".

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