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Funding for public and higher education was allotted the most money for the 2010-2011 budget, suggesting its importance. So why cut the funding? By significantly reducing funding for education, you will be putting thousands of teachers and faculty (including janitors and bus drivers) out of work.

By decreasing funding, you will be decreasing the amount of educational programs students in both public and higher education receive. More notably, as minority students have continuously been adversely affected by a lack of funding in education (including overpopulated classrooms, a scarcity of decent technology, facilities, after-school programs, and scholarships), decreasing the already insufficient amount will only increase the inadequacies for us.

As a minority college student, I am relying on financial aid to complete my higher learning. Cutting into these funds will not only raise tuition and reduce student services, but it will prevent me from completing my last year of college.

Education is the most important thing you can offer the students of Texas, the future of this great state. Being that all of you needed education to get to where you are today, I am sure you understand how critical it is to our society. Without it, there would be no government officials like you. Your current budget (allotting $75.4 billion, the largest amount, to education) proves that you realize this, but your current actions represent the contrary. Did education all of a sudden lose its value? We all realize economic times are currently very difficult, but should our current economy be the determinant of a successful future?

I see a future of educated Texans with technological, political, artistic, scientific, and business success, increasingly boosting the economy of Texas. But this bright future can only be realized if you, the people we trust, the people we elected, do not turn your backs on us. If you do, you will be essentially hindering the economy of the future. If you do, you will be preventing future lawyers and doctors from graduating, the next government officials from running this state.

We challenge you to instead:
o Balance the $3.2 billion from the Rainy Day Fund with other alternatives to avoid making large cuts in the education budget that will prevent new recipients of Texas Grants (which largely fund the college education of minority students)
o Spend less on underused areas of the budget
o Generate revenue to offset costs
o Instead of allowing public schools to take up electricity during the summer and other holidays, use the buildings for activities and events to generate revenue when school is not in session.
o Increase taxes on alcohol, cigarettes and other non-necessities.

These are examples that students have come up with so we, the undersigned challenge you, the experts, the Texas State Legislature, to incorporate alternatives. Do not cut funding for education. There’s an election approaching. If you cut this funding, you will find yourselves paying for it at the ballot.

I assure you that young people will vote in unprecedented numbers—along with their disappointed parents and irritated teachers—to get the right people in office.

The signatures below from students, teachers, faculty, community leaders, and politicians signify the support we’ve gathered. We are saying “NO” to cutting funds in Texas education and we are calling on you, the Texas Legislature, to do the same.

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