The People of Arizona, President Barack Obama, U.S. Senate and House Leaders of Both Parties
United States of America

Arizona is besieged by illegal immigration--more people and drugs cross illegally into the United States through Arizona than any other state. And Arizonans suffer the massive levels of crime that go with it. Drug and human smuggling, extortion, kidnapping and murders. And the Federal government has done NOTHING to stop it.

Arizonans have had enough. They decided to stop waiting for the Feds to do what the Constitution mandates--to protect its citizens from external threats. So they passed legislation to help stop the robberies, shootings, rapes, kidnapping, murders, and madness.

This isn't about racism, or xenophobia, or "apartheid" or any of the other hysterical slanders the left has come up. This is about the safety and well-being of the citizens of the state. And its support was overwhelming: 70% of Arizonans supported it. And support is Bi-Partisan, with 84% of Republicans and 51% of Democrats in favor.

But some have now come out and called for a boycott of Arizona. Incredibly, even one of its own U.S. Representatives--Rep. Raul Grijalva has joined this call for a boycott--of his own state!


I stand against illegal immigration.

I stand against the Federal government's refusal to secure the borders or enforce the law.

I support Arizona's lone, brave fight to enforce the rule of law with their new legislation that enjoyed broad, bi-partisan support.

I support the passage of Arizona-style laws in every state across the nation.

I reject any slander or aspersions against the People of the state of Arizona, that this law is about racism, or xenophobia, or "apartheid", rather than the truth: Arizona is doing the job the Feds won’t do — taking the law and our borders seriously to protect the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens first.

I stand against Barack Obama's back-door amnesty for illegal aliens, and stand with Gov. Brewer in opposing that amnesty in Arizona by denying illegal aliens with state services. I urge other governors to stand with Arizona and do the same.

I call on the United States government to start doing its job according to the Constitution: Secure the Borders, Enforce immigration laws and Protect its citizens.

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