Australian Government

The Australian government's ISP-level internet filter is a step back into the dark ages, besides existing as overlord censorship. Here is why:

- permanent ISP-level internet filters will reduce internet speeds by 30% to 40%

- reduction in web speeds will make innovative online businesses, and web development businesses nearly impossible to conduct, thus forcing these companies to relocate overseas

- the Australian public will have no control over what is filtered out, which is akin to fascist levels of censorship.

We, the undersigned, call on the Australian government to stop and think about its proposed ISP-level filters, and to refrain from bringing these filters into law.

The filters will force local web development companies, and other innovative companies who use the online sphere, to move overseas as a result of dramatically decreased internet speeds.

We, the undersigned, call on all Australian members of parliament to realise that they are cutting the legs out from underneath Australia's creative and innovative businesses, and to immediately stop censoring the internet on our behalf.

We know that the internet is just like life: simply condensed. We want the government to encourage personal responsibility, rather than taking these decisions out of our own hands.

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