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The Stroke Unit at the Ealing Hospital is under threat from the Labour Government. Under Labour’s plans, Ealing and Southall stroke patients will have to go to Northwick Park or Charing Cross Hospital and either a stay in these hospitals or a transfer across the borough to either Hillingdon or West Middlesex Hospitals. There will be no provision for Stroke services at all in Ealing.

This is despite the fact that:
• 1,600 Ealing-Southall people were admitted to Ealing Hospital for stroke-related conditions in 2006/07.
• Admissions from Ealing Southall were running at twice the national rate in 2006/07.
• Approximately 4,000 people in Ealing have had a stroke at some time.
• Ealing Hospital’s Stroke Unit is performing well - in the upper quartile for the whole of London.
• There is clinical evidence that Ealing’s residents will not be covered fully by other hospitals under the plans.
• Residents will have to travel significantly further to visit and look after their friends and families under the proposals.

If closure of the Stroke Unit at the Ealing Hospital site goes ahead, as is being proposed by Healthcare for London, the implications for the running of other local services both in the hospital and in the community will potentially be serious. The specialist acute services and procedures such as acute vascular and coronary angiography will also be under threat.

Please help us to STOP the closure of Ealing’s Stroke Unit by signing this petition. This is Ealing and Southall resident’s opportunity to force the reversal of this potentially damaging proposal.

We, the undersigned, hereby call upon Healthcare for London and the Government to review their proposals to close local Stroke Service provision at Ealing Hospital and take immediate steps to ensure that a Stroke Unit continues to be provided on the Ealing Hospital site.

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