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In Lancashire Tesco is replacing it's stock of ALL double seated trolleys with single ones. The members of Lancashire Twins, Triplets & More find this unacceptable, as only two or maybe three double trolleys are now available.

1 in 67 births is a Twin one, so the ratio of double trolleys is not acceptable. (triplet trolleys are even more scarce and usually non-existent)

We feel that by removing all the double trolleys, that Tesco are discriminating against us. If we cannot find a suitable trolley then we cannot shop!

Parents across Lancashire see this move as a backward step and want Tesco to return their double trolleys. We are sure that this reduction in double trolleys is happening throughout the UK and want to make our views known to ALL companies.

Please show your support for our campaign by signing our petition.

One of the country's leading retail outlets who prides it's self on it's famous motto "Every little helps" seems to have overlooked one small but very important sector of it's customer base - Twins, Triplets or More families. With the lack of facilities such as twin seated trolleys we are beginning a campaign to highlight the inefficiencies of TESCO.

This petition will also be used to show other service providers that we want to be treated fairly and that we believe that they should do more to acknowledge different requirements in relation to a 'normal' families needs.'

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