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Office of Prime Minister of FDRE

The present day Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) was established in 1907 during the reign of emperor Menelik II.More than a century has been elapsed since agriculture was transformed in to an institution. During the last successive regimes, some measures have been taken to improve the Agricultural sector. Despite such measures, there have not been any improvements in the sector. As result, the past regimes did not able to eradicate poverty and guarantee food security. This happened mainly due to the absence of conductive policies and strategies. Above all, farmers were not free to use their lands for their own benefit.

As farmers were highly oppressed and very little or no attention was given to the agricultural development during the past regimes, they were not motivated to increase their production and productivity. Lack of working policies and strategies, absence motivation for farmers to increase productivity finally led to the total failure in agricultural sectors.

The Government of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia that has been established in 1991 designed the new agricultural policy and strategies. Agriculture Development led Industrialization (ADLI) that aimed at transforming the country's economy is one of the national policies and strategies. It is aimed at transforming the country's economy in to a well developed and prospered one.

The ruling party EPDRF was officially proclaimed Minister of Agriculture in 1995 and amended in 2004 proclamation 300/2004 to fasten the development of the country after that the Former Prime Minister separated the two minister office individually as Minister of Livestock & Fishery AND Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources...these was the long term question of Pastorals and Professional.

After many struggle Ethiopian livestock husbandry mechanism became relatively changed then the hop of our animals and semi pastorals and pastorals live became hopeful ...But last APRIL 19 2018 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was re-united the individual sectors as one...your summation plan and philosophy is the best but the worst for the Pastorals and Professionals since it has long bureaucracy we don't need this marginalization please restore our Livestock and Fishery Minister as it was.


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This marginalization is not the last choice for the two independent minister offices because of its economic, political, cultural and professional aspects we have to sign for re-separation again!

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