Coatesville Area School District

Due to the recent suicides in our community, (Coatesville,PA) , a group of Coatesville Senior High School alumni have started a support group and have offered to bring a presentation and programs to the schools of CASD . This group of people are trained in Mental Health First Aid and would just like to offer a helping hand and letting these students know that they are not alone. But they have been placed on hold for whatever reason. Coatesville Area School District is bringing in counselors and Crisis Interventions Teams despite the help offered from this group of people. So, we need your help. By signing this petition, you are giving this support group a chance to tell these kids in the school district, real stories and scenarios from people they see and live around on a daily basis and people they can relate to. A group that went to Coatesville HS and know first hand what these students are going through. As opposed to the Crisis Intervention Team and counselors provided that have no relation or connection what so ever to these Coatesville students Please help give us a voice. We want to better our community.

I sign this petition, to call on Coatesville Area School District to allow Coatesville: Don't Stand Alone, to bring a presentation and begin a program in our schools, to help our students.

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