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Do you want to support social responsibility for sugar cane workers in Nicaragua? If you have a sweet-tooth, and want to show your support for poor Nicaraguan campesinos who labor in extreme heat to produce sugar and other sugar cane based products for local and international consumption, then support this petition!!!

People living and working in western Nicaragua, Guanacastal Sur sectors of La Isla, el Triunfo, Sector Gonzalez, Paises Bajos, and Santana do not have access to pure drinking water. Many suffer and die from chronic kidney disease (CKD) and other illnesses that may be related to consumption of contaminated water. Those who suffer most are the sugar cane field workers who urgently need potable water to maintain healthy levels of hydration while working in extreme heat.

La Isla Foundation and Fundación Isla are seeking partners to support our integrated programs including Corporate Social Responsibility, Pure Water, and Public Health. With support from our partners we will construct a pure water system to fill a 15,000 gallon reservoir, connected to a gravity-fed distribution system leading to each home. We will also implement community empowerment, public health, environmental, and educational programs. To implement these programs we seek support from many sources!

For more information and to make a donation online visit www.laislafoundation.org and join the "La Isla Foundation" Facebook group! You can also see short videos about this issue and other problems with agri-industry in Latin America at this link: http://www.youtube.com/MrAgentGlaser

We propose to resolve the problem with lack of potable water, not only to benefit workers in the field, but also for members of their families in the communities where they live. We believe this is a golden opportunity for all sectors and it is of utmost importance for your involvement and support. We are implementing a Pre-Investment Study to prepare detailed strategic plans and budgets for the Pure Water and Public Health programs. However, the sugar cane workers and their families urgently need pure water as soon as possible.

Therefore, we kindly request support and signifigant financial donations from Ingenio San Antonio, Fundacion San Antonio, and Nicaragua Sugar Estates Limited. We also seek public support and financial donations of any amount (see the ChipIn link on our web site at www.laislafoundation.org to donate online). Donations and support will directly assist with the following:

1. Immediately commence with free delivery of pure water to the workers in the field several times every day as a proper labor practice to maintain safe levels of hydration for manual labor in severe heat.

2. Immediately provide free delivery of pure water and water filters to families living in Guanacastal Sur until a long-term solution for potable water in these communities is achieved.

3. Support our Pre-Investment Study by providing financial assistance and technical expertise.

4. Provide financial support for the La Isla Pure Water and Public Health programs listed below:
a. Construction of systems for pure water source, reservoir, and distribution system.
b. Construction of sanitary latrines.
c. Seal off old wells and old latrines.
d. Reforestation around all new and old construction sites to prevent contamination of water systems.
e. Leadership training, education, and capacity building for community members in Guanacastal Sur.
f. Public Health education campaign.

5. Provide financial support for the La Isla Foundation long-term integrated programs as listed below:
a. Medical services including medications, health brigades, and transportation for community members who need dialysis and other complex medical treatments.
b. Creating a library for the elementary school.
c. Employment alternatives, including career development, organic farming, and capacity building programs.
d. Psychological services for individuals and family members who are suffering from trauma, grief, poverty, CKD and other illnesses.

We strongly encourage you to join our efforts to improve quality of life for Nicaraguan people living and working near the sugar mills, eradicate poverty, facilitate philanthropy, social responsibility, and improve the institutional image of the agri-sugar industry. With your support and assistance we can work together to reach the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations, and make the people and government of Nicaragua proud of our achievements. Please join our Corporate Social Responsibility, Pure Water, and Public Health programs by signing this petition and providing significant, ongoing financial support. We believe that you will be very proud to be included with our list of donors and supporters.


La Isla Foundation and Fundación Isla

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