The Presidency, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

For many years, since the late sixties running through the fields of poverty and strife as like a little child running through high corn fields with no way to see ahead / future, the fields are too high as the fields of poverty and strife.

Nigerian youths and generations have been pawns in the hands of divide and rule Nigerian Lords who stop at nothing to achieve selfish aims while committing treasonable felonies such as sabotage, religious incitements, malicious propaganda and militancy in all forms, inclusive of religious fanaticism, sectional secession threats and resources control agitations. Thereby, wasting valuable human lives, time and resources with the same repetitive cycle at the behest of the Lords of Nigeria.

Yes, there may be genuine grievances here and there just as there are many root causes for these problems. We only just voted in a new Government from an opposition party against a sadly inept ruling party of 16 of our new democracy.

Let us behave responsibly and patriotic and while we wait in patience and support of the new Government we must learn how to seek constructive solutions and redress to our collective issues. Violence is not the way! One Nigeria! No to Boko Haram! No to Biafra!

We, the undersigned Nigerians call on each other to foster Unity, Peace and Prosperity.

We stand against, Boko- Haram, Biafra agitations and all other forms of militancy.

Long live NAIJA.

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The WA-ZO-BIA - One Peaceful, Harmonious and Prosperous Nigeria petition to The Presidency, Federal Republic of Nigeria. was written by Ele Martin Opaluwa and is in the category Patriotism at GoPetition.