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The Vote for Equality campaign seeks to establish a single set of universal principles on equality and non-discrimination.

While some individual minorities have successfully opposed discrimination, for many people, in many parts of the world, fair and equal treatment is far from a reality. Many minority groups remain disadvantaged and the growth of identity politics risks undermining the universal nature of equal rights. The Declaration of Principles on Equality aims to address this. The Declaration:

• Defines equality as a basic human right
• Calls on governments to take positive action to redress inequality
• Creates a consistent, integrated notion of equality and non-discrimination

The Equal Rights Trust is asking people to support the campaign to get governments and international institutions, including the UN, to endorse the Declaration of Principles on Equality.

By signing our petition and supporting the Declaration, you will help to send a signal to the world's leaders that equal rights must never be off their agenda.

To find out more about the Declaration of Principles on Equality, or about the work of the Equal Rights Trust, visit: www.equalrightstrust.org.

We, the undersigned, believe that all people are entitled to fair and equal treatment.

We believe that equality is a basic human right and that establishing a single set of universal principles on equality is a necessary step in promoting human rights.

We oppose all forms of discrimination and believe that governments must take action to tackle discrimination. We therefore endorse the Declaration of Principles on Equality.

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