VIU Student Association

On Thursday 10 March 2011, the Faculty Association of
Vancouver Island University (VIU) commenced a strike in
relation to their collective bargain agreement with the
university. As a result, students have been unable to
attend classes and finish their semester. The process of
mediation with the parties has not been successful to date.

The student body of constitutes over 19,000 members
with over 8000 enrolled in full-time studies. The cessation
of classes against their will affects them collaterally in
terms of damage.

The student body contribute significant funds to the
university through tuition, and are the purpose of the
institution's function. While not an immediate party
involved in the dispute, they are a party holding a primary
interest in the dispute and their position should be
considered paramount.

We, the undersigned, as members of the student body of
Vancouver Island University (VIU) call for immediate Court or
Government intervention to end this strike and ordering the
faculty of VIU immediately back to work, and in turn order
the faculty and administration of VIU into arbitration to
resolve their labour disagreements.

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