Mayor William D. Sessoms, Jr.; The City Council of Virginia Beach
United States of America

In regards to Sec. 7-59.2. of the Virginia Beach Code of Ordinances, I and every other person who voluntarily signed this petition believe Skateboarding on the boardwalk should not be illegal.

Skateboarding dates all the way back to the 1940's. It's sole purpose was for transportation and later grew to become a popular hobby, but skating has ultimately became a culture of its own. Skating has gotten a bad reputation. Most people look at "skaters" as rebellious, non-conforming, obnoxious kids. However, when you get down to it, skateboarding is a very positive influence. It keeps kids active and brings together a collection of diverse cultures. Ultimately being one of the greatest camaraderie's of all.

The biggest argument about skating on the boardwalk is safety. Everyone on this petition can agree that skating can be dangerous. However, skating is most likely one of the least dangerous activities on the boardwalk. Speeding bicyclist and sporadic roller skaters offer more of a threat than skating does. Skating is singled out over all other activities that happen on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk.

Despite the fact that bicyclist are supposed to stay on the bike path, Virginia Beach Officers will turn a blind eye to that to go stop a younger boy standing on his skateboard. In closing, I ask that you please re-evaluate Sec. 7-59.2. of the Virginia Beach Code of Ordinances.

I'd like to thank you for reading this statement and hope that you can realize skating is more than just a outlandish activity. It's a culture and a bonding factor in today's youth. Thank you.

We, the skaters of Virginia, call on the Mayor and the City Council of Virginia beach to allow skating on the premises of Virginia Beach Boardwalk.

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