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A show about zombies. Walking Dead the tv show cast asked' Did we go to far? " Her death will motivate her husband"

A breech is solved by movement, rubbing the belly or sticking your hand in. This fictions show about zombies did not need to use this medical mythic disaster as a plot device, since they could write anything. The female character obviously used as a second class citizen. A non medical person used a samurai to cut her abdomen open with a sword to get the baby. They covered it with music ass he bleed to death. Then said " She did not make it she passed away. ' many commented on line " thank goodness" it is self evident that show gave permision for some one to be glad a woman died needlessly and for shock value.

An impossible lie, since the baby is alive only due to connection to mom, and the untrained hand would have cut the fetus as well. The mother is the best character to keep alive since the milk is free. This show propagates the lie of death in childbirth is honorable. no it is a lie, created only today by poor health conditions and neglect.

Millions of women die due to infections caused by hospital c sections, and the baby dies. Women are afraid of birth. This show fuel unnatural myths, bigotry against women as disposable and too inferior, as well exploits and adds to real life trouble.

A person already said " thank goodness " to this scene. it is part of a feedback loop to the prejudice that never questions these unnatural scenarios. Real life people say he same thing, like when a woman kidnapped and keyed a lady open to steal the baby. or when a 13 year old died in hospital, they changed the subject.

It propagates the sexism that the male character is more important to a story or life than his wife or female character. Actress out of a job.

They thin need a live hour to praise themselves about the shooting. Twice the air time of other dramas. This is obnoxious, and keeps us from watching other shows including news.

Give a public apology. Please limit their air time to one hour, if you can not cancel.

We already have "Resident Evil" and "Night of the Living Dead". If they arrogantly insist on marathons move them to another channel, in the 100's or more, where it can not be accidentally seen during the day.

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