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United States of America

April 14, 2006

E-Mail Reply from Film Composer Dario Marianelli, regarding the score to "V For Vendetta"!

"I have no idea how certain websites got the list of 17 tracks. That was my selection, before Astralwerks forced me to reduce them to 10.

As I was only allowed 10 of my tracks on the CD, I edited together several of the tracks. For example, "V Storms the TV Tower" is now part of the very long first cue, instead of being a separate cue.

I also was only allowed about 55' of score on the soundtrack, and something had to go. The People Stand Up had very similar material to the second half of "The Dominoes Fall" and so I left it out.

I would love for people to hear the rest of the score, but I believe I cannot just send people tracks without an agreement from WB, which I have the feeling would be hard to get.
I did propose to Astralwerks to put the excluded tracks on their website, but they were unsure about rights. If anyone feels like looking further into this, maybe we can make it happen, I don't know.

Unfortunately it's a logistical nightmare to get permission and the only way forward would be if a significant number of people, lobbied Warner Brothers/Astralwerks and even then there's no guarantee.




This e-mail reply I received back form composer Dario Marianelli, is exactly WHY I am encouraging others, like myself, to sign this petition, in order to get these unreleased tracks, RELEASED ASAP!!!

Please sign this petition if you appreciate film scores as much as I do and if you loved the music from the movie or the film as well! Lets ALL show Warner Brothers & Astralwerks Records, that not only does Dario Marianelli, but also YOU and I ALL want the score released.

Tracks like, "The People Stand Up", towards the end of the film where all of London is dressed up like "V" and "Fingermen" where "Evey" is ruffled up by those men in the alley and then saved by "V" were the most sensational tracks I had ever heard, I hope you feel the same about them too.

I am hoping, by doing this petition, that we can get the labels to release the tracks that were NOT released on the cd. The following tracks were left off the cd:

2. Fingermen
7. Gordon's Secret
9. Evey Processed
14. How Freedom was Lost
17. The People Stand Up

I am doing my best to get these tracks released as the score was wonderful please help me in getting these unreleased tracks RELEASED, THANK YOU!!!

Thank You for reading this petition and Thank You Very Much, for signing it as well, Take Care, All!

We, the undersigned, want the Unreleased Score to V For Vendetta Released!

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