#Human Rights
MIT Students, Faculty Members, and Affiliates
United States of America

This petition was formed by United Trauma Relief (UTR), an MIT student organization advocating for MIT's entrance into the Worker's Rights Consortium to end the abuse of workers involved in producing MIT-licensed clothing. The grounds for this position are explained in the Consensus Statement on MIT's role in sweatshop labor practices, available online at UTR's website.

In signing this petition, I voice my agreement with the principles stated in the MIT consensus statement on sweatshop labor practices and MIT's role in improving international labor conditions. I am expressing my support for MIT's membership in the Worker's Rights Consortium (WRC) to reduce human rights abuses and the exploitation of workers involved in the production of MIT-licensed clothing.

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The UTR Action Against Sweatshop Abuse petition to MIT Students, Faculty Members, and Affiliates was written by Sanjay Basu and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition.