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The history of the present occupation of Haiti by the US/UN/MINUSTAH forces is a history of repeated injuries, kidnappings and murders. The presence of the US/UN/MINUSTAH forces in Haiti is all having to do with the establishment of absolute control over the country in order to plunder, slaughter, rape subjugate and rob Haitians of their wealth, freedom and human dignity.

The US/UN/MINUSTAH forces have kept in Haiti, in times of peace, a standing army of over 12,000 foreigners without the consent of the Haitian people.

The US/UN/MINUSTAH forces have maneuvered to render its military force independent of, and superior to Haiti’s civil power.

The US/UN/MINUSTAH forces have brought in large bodies of armed troops among the population and disseminated them throughout the country:

The US/UN/MINUSTAH forces have preempted Haiti’s Constitution, and declared themselves invested with power to legislate Haiti’s laws in all cases whatsoever (Ex. Their recent involvement in the voting fiasco).

The US/UN/MINUSTAH forces have declared and waged war against Haitians and by killing and maiming Haitians without due process (Ex. Raids on Citee Soleil, July 6, 2005 and again on December 22, 2006 among others).

The US/UN/MINUSTAH forces have plundered Haiti’s seas, ravaged its coasts, burnt its towns, introduced deadly epidemics, raped its women, sexually assaulted its young men, and destroyed the lives of the Haitian people.

The US/UN/MINUSTAH forces are at this time contracting with large groups of foreign mercenaries to complete the works of death, desolation, and tyranny they had already begun, with more and more documented circumstances of brutality & betrayal.

In every stage of these oppressions Haitians have petitioned and protested for redress in the most humble terms, but each repeated petitions have been met and answered only by repeated injuries, mutilations and killings. Haitians have appealed to the US/UN/MINUSTAH forces chains of command for justice and fairness, and Haitians have pleaded with them to disavow these violent crimes being committed against the people, however, everyone in the chains of command have been deaf to the voices of the people pleading for justice and of fairness.

As a direct consequence of this Declaration, relying on the protection of the Haitian people, R.H.E.C.I.F.S. is hereby urging the US/UN/MINUSTAH forces operating illegally in Haiti to reconsider their involvement in the killings of Haitians and ask that they quickly find a solution for a timetable to complete their withdrawal from the country, with peace and honor.

We, therefore, the alienated, the occupied, the suffered, hereby appeals to all concerned Haitians for support of the correctness of our objectives, and do solemnly publish and declare, that Haiti ought to be free from all commitment to the US/UN/MINUSTAH occupying forces, and that all political connection between the occupied forces and the Republic of Haiti, is and ought to be totally suspended;

And that as a free and independent nation, Haitians shall exercise and do all acts and things that would guarantee freedom for the people and the country.

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