Upper Lachlan Shire Council

The old timber Collector Creek Bridge, NSW, is currently being demolished by the Upper Lachlan Shire Council as quickly and quietly as possible, against Collector residents wishes.

This is wanton destruction of an important Australian historical bridge which was built in the 1880’s. The Collector Bridge is on the old Federal Highway to Canberra and is part of the route that was used by pioneers to Southern New South Wales from the 1830’s. In addition it is adjacent to the site where Governor Macquarie named Lake George in October 1820.

Upper Lachlan Council wish to replace it with a low level culvert 1.5 metres below the level of the current bridge and dig up and lower the old Highway for 100 metres on each side.

We consider this to be an act of vandalism against the heritage and environs of the Collector Creek but also of the State of New South Wales.

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We the undersigned call on the Upper Lachlan Shire Council to abandon their plans to install a low-level concrete box culvert at Collector Creek, NSW, and instead provide an appropriate high-level bridge creek crossing sensitive to the area's historic past and rare and untouched ecosystem.

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