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California Society for Democracy in Iran

Urgent Action to Stop Killing of Residents of Camp Ashraf.

Hundreds of injured residents in serious condition.

-Considering the criminal attack by Iraqi forces against defenseless residents of Ashraf which began at 04:45 am April 8, 2011;
-Considering that the attack was conducted on the order of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and under direct command of the Lieutenant General Ali Gheidan, commander of the ground forces;
-Considering that extermination of Camp Ashraf residents has been the constant demand of the Iranian regime;
- Considering that until April 8, 2011, some 33 residents were killed and 300 more wounded;
-Considering that the residents of Camp Ashraf are protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention and enjoy all fundamental rights under international human rights law;
-Considering that Iraqi government, contrary to its commitment to respect the rights of Ashraf residents has constantly infringed its obligations;
-Considering repeated warnings by human rights organisations, statements and resolutions by members of parliaments in European countries and members of US Congress including the European Parliament resolution of April 24, 2009; EP Written Declaration of November 25, 2010 and Declaration by Council of Europe …., Congressional hearings in the House Foreign Affairs Committee and Senate Armed Services Committee;
-Considering that in accordance with the Rome Treaty and the writ issued by the Spanish Court violation of the residents of Ashraf as protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention constitutes war crime and crime against international community;

We the undersigned demand:

1.The UN Security Council, U.S. Government, and the European Union to condemn crimes committed by the Iraqi government and take immediate steps to end the killings.

2.The US government to immediately intervene and airlift the wounded residents to the American hospital for necessary treatment.

3.The European Union and Baroness Ashton to stop all financial aid to Iraq until the rights of residents of Ashraf are fully respected.

4.The U.S. government and the United Nations to assume responsibility for protection of the residents of Ashraf and take necessary measures for immediate removal of Iraqi forces from Ashraf.

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