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Prominent attorney Dr. Mohammad Oliyaifard was detained earlier this year for defending human rights and this week he was diagnosed with Leukemia by the prison clinic doctor!


Lawyer Dr. Mohammad Oliyaifard who is serving a one year prison sentence for defending human rights was sent to the Evin prison clinic after not feeling well.

According to RAHANA, the doctor in the Evin prison clinic diagnosed Dr. Oliyaifard with leukemia after observing several lumps on his body. The clinic stated that Oliyaifard needs to visit a specialist. Dr. Oliyaifard needs to be transferred to a specialist clinic outside of prison immediately.

Dr. Mohammad Oliyaifard was detained on May 1, 2010 under the pretext of beginning to serve his one year sentence under the charge of “anti-regime propaganda” for conducting interviews. He is currently held in ward 350 of Evin prison. He was previously detained another time on March 8th and was released a week later.

Mohammad Oliyaifard has been the legal representative for various political prisoners. He was also one of the attorneys for the executed juvenile Behnoud Shojaee. After the execution of Behnoud Shojaee, Dr. Oliyaifard gave an interview where he called Shojaee’s execution “illegal.” He was consequently arrested.

Source: http://persian2english.com/?p=15431

نیاز فوری محمد اولیایی‌فرد برای اعزام به مراکز تخصصی پزشکی

محمد اولیایی‌فرد وکیل زندانی بند ۳۵۰ اوین نیاز مبرم و فوری به اعزام به مراکز تخصصی پزشکی خارج از زندان اوین را دارد.

بامداد امروز محمد اولیایی‌فرد وکیل بازداشتی که به یک سال زندان محکوم شده و دوران محکومیت خود را پشت سر می‌گذارد، به خاطر بد شدن وضعیت جسمی خود به بهداری زندان اوین مراجعه کرده است.

به گزارش رهانا، پزشک بهداری زندان اوین وجود تعدادی غده در بدن این وکیل زندانی را «سرطان خون» تشخیص داده و گفته است که او را باید یک پزشک متخصص معاینه کند.

با توجه به این وضعیت حاد این وکیل و مدافع زندانیان سیاسی باید هر چه سریع‌تر به مراکز تخصصی خارج از زندان اعزام شود.

دکتر محمد اولیایی‌فرد در تاریخ ۱۱ اردیبهشت ماه ۱۳۸۹ به بهانه‌ی گذراندن محکومیت یک ساله‌اش به اتهام تبلیغ علیه نظام از طریق مصاحبه بازداشت و روانه‌ی زندان شده و اکنون در بند ۳۵۰ زندان اوین به سر می‌برد.

وی پیش‌تر در تاریخ ۱۷ اسفند ماه ۸۸ بازداشت و پس از یک هفته از زندان آزاد شده بود

1) We demand for the immediate and unconditional release of Dr. Oliayifard and to drop all charges against him.

2) We demand for the Iran government to allow Dr. Oliayifard to get medical help through a specialist for his Leukemia treatment.

3) We urge all international human rights organizations to stand in support of Dr. Oliayifard and pressure the Iran government to release him immediately!

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